Start Your Day with Lemonade -Water:
Start your day with one glass of lemonade water. It is the best natural way to reduce your fat of belly. Mix juice of one lemon with one glass warm water and then a little bit of salt with in it and drink it just after awaking at morning. Take it daily, because it will increase your digestive power and help to reduce your fat definitely.

Avoid the White Wheat:
You can eat red wheat or red rice or foods made of red wheat instead of white rice or wheat.

Avoid Sweets:
You should strongly avoid the sugar and sweets, cold drinks and oil based foods. These types’ foods increase your fat in body especially in your abdominal and thighs.

Drink Enough Water:
Drink enough and pure drinking water at regular interval if you want a fat free body. Enough water helps you to get out the toxin elements of your body and increases the digestive power.

Eat Raw Garlic:
Chew two to three pieces of small garlic in every morning. If you take it after drinking the lemonade water, it would make your fat reducing process double.

Avoid More Protein:
You have to be habituated with vegetables and avoid the meat especially the red meat if you want reduce your abdominal fat

Fruits and Vegetables Are Best:
You should take a bowl of seasonal fruits and vegetables daily and if possible eat raw vegetables. Ensure it must in your daily diet plan. Fruits and vegetables fulfill the demand of essential anti-oxidant, vitamins and minerals

Change Your Cooking Strategy:
You may change your cooking strategy. Use a little oil as less as possible and better suggestion is that you can cook also without using any oil. Strictly avoid the oily foods and can use different kinds of spice to make your foods testy.