Heart is the most important part of the body. As heart filters the blood of your body plays an important role. People are so much conscious about the heart problems and sometimes do or believe in some myths. Here, I am going to present some myths about your heart health, check it out whatever you may also believe them.

01. Age Not A Fact, You May Affect Anytime:

In fact it is not true for all. If you are 15 or under 15, you are 90% free from heart diseases generally. After 20, you can go for your heart check. If you do not experience any heart problem or your family is not in risk of it, you can check your heart every 5 years after. But be careful about your food habit. You may a teenager and very much found of the heavy fast food and soda, this ultimately harms your heart. It is not mandatory to think about your heart all time but should take care about your heart health. The symptoms of heart diseases are not expressed at primary stage normally. When your heart can not tolerate more mis-function, performed on it, then it expresses its failure. So, a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise would be able to ensure a good heart health

02. Vegan and Vegetarian are Free from Heart Diseases:

Somebody believes in a myth that, vegans and vegetarian are free from heart diseases. Not true for all case. Yes, as vegans do not take any animal including egg even dairy, they may have a less chance to have such problems, but only animal contains vitamin B12-key vitamin and essential for nerve and blood cell. Lack of this, your heart muscles may suffer from illness and your nerves system would be affected badly. Beside this, a vegan or vegetarian does not eat any fat but he or she may in a bad habit of high or heavy food, such as soda, alcohol, cookies, chips etc. These snacks contain high cholesterol which adds a more calories in body and gets fatty. Fat is very bad for blood circulation in heart creating an obstacles into the ring also.

03. Family History Always a Fact:
Not true always. If you have a family record of heart disease, don’t be more worried about it. It does not mean that you are getting this more closed time. Obviously you are in a risk but you may be an example for others member who would be able to overcome this. Make healthy daily routine including a balanced diet chart, regular exercise, no alcohol or smoking, weight checking and stress free life and go cheers for a healthy and happy heart.

04. Skipping Heart Beat for Once, Dangerous for Heart:
It is very common for your health. Sometimes the upper chamber of your heart deals quickly than the lower and you miss one or two heart beats. It is called premature complexity of artery. Don’t be worried. It is natural if you experience it once or twice in a day but it would be very harmful if you get it randomly. If so, please visit the cardiologist as early as possible.

05. A Hard Worker does not in a Risk of Heart Disease:
Adrenaline and cortisol hormones are extracted when you are living with much stress. A hard worker may be free from the risk of heart failure but think that he has to live with much stress which triggers the adrenaline and cortisol hormones extraction. It increases the blood pressure and compresses arteries to raise it. So, a hard worker may also be affected by a small heart attack with other problems such as breath difficulty, chest pain and high blood pressure.

So, take care of your hearth in a healthy way and don’t be confused believing these myths about your heart health.