You have to go gynecologist whenever you get any feminine issues. It is not a matter of embarrassing to share with your gynecologist. Sharing health history is very major part of your treatment. If your doctor does not get a clear sense about you and your heredity, she or he may not to be able to prescribe or suggest perfectly. You may experience some irrelevant symptoms and find them unnecessary to share with gynecologist. Don’t feel shy even if your gynecologist is a man, rather you should talk with him frankly. Take him as your best friend whenever you are in front of him. Let him to identify the exact causes of your problem. But if you hide some secrets from your gynecologist, he or she would not be able to do it.

Irregularity in Period:
Some thought that, irregular period does not matter. No way. Period is an important fact for a woman. Monthly menstruation or regular menstruation controls the biological cycle of a woman. Many physical conditions depend on it. If you experience an irregular period for a long time, you should not hide it from your doctor. You should talk about it frankly mentioning the duration, bleeding level and others.

Some go through an abortion if they do no bear an unwanted child. And they may not tell this to the gynecologist whenever get other feminine problems. You may ever think that how many problems would be happened due to abortion. Many problems can be arising, so you should not conceal it from your gynecologist.

Shortage of Sexual Desire:
If you or your partner does not feel interest in doing intercourse, just tell your doctor. For some external or internal reasons both of you may fell shortage of sexual desire but don’t ignore it. Some of your feminine problems also can create this shortage. So, never hide this problem also from your doctor. She would be able to find out the problem and also address them.

Birth Control Methods:
Discuss about your Birth control methods to your doctor. You should tell him or her if you have i-pill randomly. This information gives a clear sense about you. It would be more difficult if you try to hide this information.

Multiple Physical Relations:
If you are in multiple physical relations, you should tell your doctor. Multiple physical relations can cause many major problems in your body. So, if you try to hide it, the reasons of your problems would not be identified.

Smoking/Drug Addiction/ Drinking Alcohol:
If you have a bad habit of smoking, drinking alcohol or any bad addiction to something worse, you should tell about it to your gynecologist. You may know that how such kinds of habits worsen your physical condition. So, don’t ignore it to share with him. So, your doctor can identify your problem easily.