It is really difficult to find out a woman who is not in an iron deficiency. Women have to go through a period cycle and they lost blood every month. Woman suffers from this problem in several times in her life especially during period and after birth child. It is medically proved that. A woman body cannot produce more than half of blood which was lost in past month but the next date is closed. So, she needs an extra supplement with iron. Sometimes you feel fatigue unusually and cannot hold your concentration for a long time that but would not understand what the reason behind this. All these may be occurred due to your iron deficiency. Here 12 symptoms of iron deficiency experienced by a woman.

Your cells need oxygen and hemoglobin carries oxygen to the cell. As iron deficiency makes blood building slower and cells also do not get enough oxygen. Al issues are related with your bodies’ function. If this function cannot work properly you may feel fatigue and exhaustion.

Faded Skin:
You are looking very fresh after washing your face but it does not continue. Your skin becomes fad and pale after sometimes. You may suffer from iron deficiency which makes a red pigment on your skin makes your skin dull.

Apathy or Aloofness:
You may feel apathy or aloofness toward your study, work, family or dear one unusually. Iron deficiency is the main reason of that. You do not feel well or get any inspiration of your work.

Poor Muscles:
If you are a regular gymnasium and do not get enough food containing all food value, your body and muscle do not get full nourishment and you would get a poor muscle and weakness at last iron can make your muscle more strong.

Friable Nails:
Your toenails and fingernails also would be affected and friable. Nail may be broke up and lost its beauty. Any types of depression in nails show your iron deficiency.

Sickness and Infection:
You may get infections or sick in several times, so you have iron deficiency obviously. Especially, if you are often fall in sickness you should give your body iron supplement.

Color Change in Urine:
Iron deficiency would change your color of urine. Absorption of different pigment can make your urine red but due to lack of enough amount of iron, your kidneys can not dialysis urine properly and you get red urine.

Headache and Restless Leg Syndrome:
Some diseases such as restless leg syndrome and headache become worse day by day due to this deficiency. Ensure your iron value with foods or supplement to get a better condition.

Irregular Period:
If you experience with an irregular period with high or very low blood flow or in irregular timeline you should go to the doctor because heavy period is very harmful for your health and you’ll be lost a large amount of iron with it. It makes your body weak.

Difficulties in Breathing:
You can feel difficulties often when you are doing a hard work but you do not have any breathing problem at all. A short iron would make this because less iron produces less hemoglobin so your body can not get enough oxygen and you experience difficulties in breathing.

Joint Pain:
Woman often experience the joint pain occurred in the joint point of bone. Calcium and iron deficiency are responsible for that. He strength of your bones and muscles also depend on it.

Addicted in Non-food Substance:
An addiction to non food substance may be a sign of iron shortage. Woman may be addicted to clay, dirt, chalk, paper and tooth pest, ice. Actually they want to chaw down something always.

A woman passes her life with many natural functions that a man does not have to, so iron deficiency problem is more acute in woman body generally. Don’t ignore if any kind of sign of it are experiencing as I mentioned here. Go to doctor and keep your iron level enough for your health.