Woman remains very busy with her family. She looks after all and cares lots of her child or husbands health normally. But sometimes, she does not care herself. Look, you have to do many works whole day including maintaining job, family, and children, husband and so on. You do these from dawn to dusk. Well, you are a good mother, wife or employee.

What about your health? Why you neglect your health? You know, you are the most important member of your house, so you should be physically and mentally fit always. You should not neglect your health; rather take some healthy foods in your daily food menu and hardly try to maintain it.

01. Sesame Seeds:
Sesame seeds are must for woman in her daily food menu. Sesame seeds are a good source of fatty acids like Omega-3. Woman gets rid of breast cancer or heart diseases from this seed. Anti-inaphlemetari contains in sesame seeds reduces the arthritis pain and digestion problems.

03. Peanuts:
Nuts or peanuts are the good source of good fat for your body. The Omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidant, fytosterol from the nuts, prevent you from breast cancer. Omega 3 strengthens the bone formation and reduces the joint pain and depression.

02. Green:
Everybody should eat green everyday specially woman. The vitamin, minerals, magnesium etc contain in green vegetables help to improve your body. They also protect you from cancer, constipation, and fat problem also.

04. Oats:
You may found oats worst to eat. It’s true. But, has many nutritive elements which boost woman health. It is most essential for woman. It keeps heart healthy and perfect, increases the digestive power and control the blood pressure, if you take it every day.

05. Milk:
Maximum woman suffer from calcium deficiency. One glass of milk daily would be recovered the calcium deficiency. Milk is suitable for all aged woman and it prevents woman from joint or bone problem.

06. Tomatoes:
Lycopene is most important element of a woman which prevents you from breast cancer. Tomatoes are the best source of lycopene. Besides, one tomato daily helps you free from unexpected heart diseases.