Weight Loss Tips

We eat foods for keeping our body healthy, mind fresh and over all to live on the earth. It is the most essential thing we need to survive and cannot do a single day without it. A healthy and balanced diet is essential for us like the oxygen we inhale to breath. But at times, eating turns into an obsession for some people. As a result, they turn bulky or gain excessive weight.

Gaining over weight is irritating sometimes because such people do not lead their life normally and are to experience different sort of trouble on their daily lives. Even at times it becomes troublesome for them to ride on public transports. Climbing stairs turns a punishment for them.


Cutting the extra weight also need some process and extra care. In fact, it needs exercise more than your imagination. If you can burn all the fat from your body, you can hopefully get rid of the extra weight. But most of the people do not want to follow the rules and if they continue exercise, they quit after some days as they do not get any rapid result. They do not want to burn their calories by exercise.

Here are some tips for those seeking to cut their weight within a short time span and most importantly without any exercise.

Drink Clean Water:
Water quenches out thirsts. It is helpful for our metabolism too. It controls the dehydration level of human body. Besides, if you drink water before your meal, it helps to decrease your craving for the food you are to eat. Thus, you get a balanced diet at any time and you cannot eat more even if you want to. Thus, you can lose your weight without any hard exercise.

Cut Sugar From Your Life:
Sugar is an important food element that raises the fat level. If you take excessive sugar with your every meal, it turns into unnecessary fat and makes you look bulky. So, it is important to avoid sugar from your foods and life. Try to have sugar free foods and event the tea or coffee.

Green Tea:
Green tea is a helpful one to cut our weight. It increases the metabolism level which is helpful to digest the foods properly. If the foods are digested, the calories spread on your entire body and you do not need to burn those using extra efforts.

Eat Healthy Breakfast:
Usually we take our supper at 8 or 8.30pm and take the breakfast again in around 7.30 am. The gap between the breakfast and the last night supper is about 10 to 12 hours. Besides, many of the people skip their breakfast with the thought to take a large lunch. The idea is a perfect one to gain your weight as if you remain hungry for 10 to 14 hours, certainly you will take a good amount of foods. Avoid such trend. Take a healthy and balanced breakfast, take a simple lunch and try to make the supper same like the noon.

Sleep Well:
When we work late at night, or watch movie, we are tend to take snacks or prepare eat other cooked foods to entertain us. We woke up late, and eat more to remain steady during the daytime. The practice is a worst one to lose your weight. Sleep properly. It is better to sleep for at least six to eight hours at a stretch to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose your weight.

Check Your Portion:
If you want to cut your weight, you can whatever you want but everything should be under control. Make sure the portions is smaller than average. If you feel hungry for the smaller portion, take your meals by four to five times.


Take Grains:
Grains are the best in food values and keep us healthy, strong and steady round the day. So, to lose your weight, you should concentrate on grains more rather than other foods especially fast foods, snacks and meats.

Get some Fruits:
Usually in the evening people get out of home, travel here and there and if they get any snacks bar, they take a break there to have snacks. Snacks are usually weight gainers. So, it is better to have some seasonal fruits instead of snacks. You should focus on the seasonal and round the year available fruits as they are easy digesting and provides enough proteins and minerals but do not increase your weight.

If you do not to want to exercise, you can participate in sports. There are different types of sports and you can pick one after your physical ability. It will provide you entertainment and by the same time it will help reducing your weight and will keep it under a satisfactory level.

Walking is a light exercise and every one could walk regarding their age group. You can walk about an hour in the daytime. If you cannot manage one hour together, split the time. It is effective to maintain a healthy life and also helps to reduce weight without doing any hard work.