Wedding is the perfect way of living for two lives together. It is the eternal bond that keeps them happy. Wedding has been being practiced from the beginning of the earth. The moments are the happiest ones in the lives of the two whom are getting married. Their joy swells more if they receive any gift on the occasion of their wedding ceremony. But at times people become confused what to present at the newly married couple and amid a rush, they fail to get the best gift for them. Here are 10 best gift ideas to offer a newly married couple they need most.

Kitchen Accessories:
Since the couple is going to start a new chapter of their life, they should be given gifts following their immediate needs and kitchen utensils are one of the best ideas to offer them on the marriage ceremony. There are different varieties of utensils are available and of different styles and varied colors and materials. So, you can pick one after your choice and budget.

Plate and Cup Stand:
If you want to save your time and make the newlyweds extremely happy, you can get a piece of cup and plate stand for them. It is available in almost every superstore, economic and occupies less space than any other kitchen materials. The plate and cup stands are available in numerous varieties and of styles.

Wall Painting:
Wall paintings are one of the impressive gift items for the newlyweds. You can choose any of the romantic images or the images on nature. Try to get the paintings drawn by famous painters and if the budget is low, there are numerous options for you to explore.

Wall Mats:
Wall mats are attractive show pieces to be placed on walls and they increase the beauty of the home. You can offer them a beautiful wall mate to them. The decorative material is found almost in everywhere and is of numerous varieties. Try to get a quality wall mat for the newlyweds so that it reminds them of you.

Porcelain Vases:
Porcelain vases are occupying the place of instant gift items and are of various styles. So, you can get a couple of large porcelain vases or the combo of three to four small and medium vases. Since they are fragile, be careful about the wrapping and handle with as much care as possible.

Picnic Basket:
If you have a moderate budget, you can present a picnic basket to the newlyweds. The picnic basket contains all the utensils and materials to go for a picnic. Since they are newlywed and will go for honeymoon at any remote place, the picnic basket will be of great help for them and it is also usable in any outdoor occasion for eight to ten peoples.

Photo Album:
Photos capture the lost moments and photo album is the way to store the moments with care for years. So, you can provide a quality photo album to the newlywed couple so that they could store their wedding day photos on the album. Besides, you can also provide a few large or medium photo frames to hang or place the photos at their home.

Knife Block and Chopping Board:
You can present a knife block and chopping board the newlyweds for their kitchen use. There are different types of knife blocks are available with different sizes of knifes for several purposes and chopping board to cut stuffs on that with the knives.

Cookware Sets:
Cooking has turned into a passion for most of the females and at times the newlywed husband tries to impress his spouse by cooking something extraordinary and to show his expertise. So, cookware sets are one of the best gift ideas for them. The wares are available of different shapes, sizes and styles. Grab the one (or a couple of the sets) after your choice and budget.

Hard Cash:
The best way to congratulate the newlywed couple is to provide some hard cash to them after your capacity. This is the last and final idea if you fail to make any choice. Put the cash on a sealed envelope and give it personally to the bride or the groom or any other assigned individual to collect the presents. It will help them decide buying necessary stuffs for themselves.