Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding is the name of an eternal lasting relationship. It is the divine bond that prevails even after the death. It is the way of living a peaceful life, making a family, expand your generations and more. So, observance of wedding anniversary is too common event in the present world and practiced almost in every country. But the mundane life does not allow us to choose the right gift for presenting to the anniversary to our wives or husbands. Thereby, the gifts we offer to our other half at times prove useless and wastage of money. We fail to allow us sufficient time to plan for the gifts.

Here are 10 best ideas for offering at wedding anniversary to your other half.

A handmade love you card:
To make him or her smile, you can make a personalized handmade card. The card should contain custom messages and adding an image of him or her with an adorable caption will be a plus. So, do not rush, rather take your time, plan how to design or what to write on the card.

Modern clocks:
Now-a-days, clocks are our constant companions. It is an important element in our everyday life. So, you can offer a clock to your partner on the event of your wedding anniversary. Since there are different shapes and sizes available, you can have one following your needs. But it is better to present a medium sized clock so that it could be placed on anywhere at the house.

To surprise your counterpart on the anniversary day, you can offer a ring to be used regularly. Rings are available in everywhere and made both for men and women. Besides, you can get customized rings too for observing the day but for that you are to order the ring one or two weeks before the day (as the custom made rings should be preordered).

Anniversary journal:
To write down every day of your conjugal life till the next year anniversary, you can offer an anniversary journal to your wife or husband. This is a great way to show your emotions to your partner and s/ he will note down each and every event you two will experience together. It is of great fun to read out loud the notes.

Personalized T-shirts:
You can make or print personalized T-shirts for observing the anniversary. There might be a family picture or the still picture of you two on any special moment. Wearing the clothes, you can pass the day and stroll in any sea side or visit any sports corner.

Wooden glass:
Wooden glasses are occupying popularity for their design and durability. They usually do not break like the glass made one. So, if you want to make him or her really happy, a wooden glass is a perfect one.

Cufflinks are male thing and a formal wear. So, you can offer a pair of cufflinks to your husband to be used with his shirts on formal occasions.

Anniversary necklace:
Another excellent way to impress your spouse on the wedding anniversary is to offer her an anniversary necklace. You can place custom messages on the necklaces. But be aware of the necklace weight as she is going to use that regularly and if that is heavy – that may create troubles for her.

Home décor:
Since both of you are living at the same home, you can get something for two of you and a home decorative material may serve the purpose. You can get a new wall mat or a decorative light bulb, or any other handmade crafts.

Anniversary plate:
This is another good idea to offer an anniversary plate to your partner. You can place a custom message on the plate and place that on any corner your living room so that everyone visiting your home may notice the plate.