You may get some suggestions from your well wishers to eat Vitamin C whenever you get cold. Vitamin C cannot remove or cure your cold even no medicine can do it. But vitamin C increases our prevention power against the germs normally. Besides it is thought that vitamin C has a great usefulness to reduce the heart problems, eye problems, cancer and others physical problems.

The researchers from University of Michigan have published a research paper showing the usefulness of vitamin C for your body.

• Vitamin C helps to reduce the risk of cold, coughs, flux, pneumonia and others infection of lungs.
• Depression and mental pressure can reduce your prevention power against the diseases. Again, the mental pressure or stress can also reduce the level of vitamin C of your body. Drinking alcohol and smoking also decrease the vitamin C level. So, enough vitamin C in your body is the sign of a healthy body.
• An article, published from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that, more vitamin C in your body prevent you from being aged quickly. It also prevents your skin from being degraded.
• The risk of heart disease may be controlled if you have enough amount of vitamin C.

Besides, vitamin C contributes much on others activities. It plays important role to increase or conserve the tissue, heal the wound, collect essential iron, strengthen the teeth and bone etc.

However, the question of how much vitamin C is needed for the body is varies man to man. But one should take 75-90 mg of vitamin C daily. The RDA means recommended daily allowance is 80-9o mg per day is well expectable. But some researchers from University of Michigan suggested to take 500 mg of vitamin C daily after surveying. They said that, it is good to take vitamin C more for your body. But a certain or specific level of it is harmful for a body if it enters into the body daily. That maximum level is 2000 mg per day.

Generally, we get vitamin C from fruits and vegetables. You can get 97 milligram of vitamin C from a cup of lemon or orange daily. Considerably this amount is more than your daily demand. A cup of tomato juice contains 45 mg; a cup of boiled broccoli contains 74 mg of vitamin C particularly. But it is hard to get 500 mg of vitamin C daily for a man from his daily foods only. So, he has to take extra supplement of vitamin C. But someone may face acidity problem with it. In such cases, she has to take non-acidic buffer supplement. You should consult with doctor before taking extra dose of vitamin C.