UTI or urinary tract infections are very common disease among the woman. About 8 millions of women have to do his doctor for this disease per year. If you get it once in your life, you have to fight with it until your death. Men also get it but the percentage is less than women. UTI more than 3 times in a year is called recurrent UTI and it may be the result of virus infection.

Women have a great risk to get it. Because of the length of urethra is very small and located at very close to vagina and anus of a woman. You have many germs in your anus germs can go through the urethra.

Drinking water less then you require, holding urine for longer, remain untidy, use dirty water, don’t pee before and after sexual intercourse are main reasons of infection. Young girl can be affected by UTI randomly because of touching her anus and urethra repeatedly with water after discharging her pee. There is a close relation between sexually transmitted infections and urinary infection.

You have to check your urinary system if you face UTI repeatedly. Besides this, urinary stone would be a greater fact. After menopause your vagina and urinary lose the normal protection due to lack of estrogen hormone. And the amount of water also reduces. Again, the woman does not have any control over diabetes would be affected by it repeatedly after menopause. Steroid based medicine or drugs for long time triggers your infections as it reduces your prevention power against diseases.

You may experience some symptoms like frequently urine flow, persecution, irritation in urethra, tearing pain in the lower abdomen etc. Besides, blood in urine and turbid urine would be experienced. If you do not get a proper treatment in this period, infections would be spread out. Then you may get shaking fever and pain in waist randomly. This condition is enough risky.

You should consult a doctor as early as possible if these symptoms are seen. Test your urine and take antibiotic according to your doctors suggestions.

• Do not hold your pee.
• Use toilet tissue after potty, don’t rub and don’t wipe from the anus to urethra.
• Drink enough water especially in summer, as your skin gets out extra salt and sweat in this time. You may also take lemon and fruit juice, coconut water etc.
• Keep your digesting system normal and easy. It prevents you from getting constipation. Drink enough water if you have to face this problem more often. Also eat fiber based foods such as vegetables, salad, fruits etc.
• You can eat yogurt in summer.
• Drink water before having sexual intercourse and clean yourself before and after of it.
• You can use K-Y dry jelly to avoid the dryness during sex, but don’t use any drugs harmful for sperm.
• Do not have sexual intercourse during menstruation or menses.
• You can use estrogen cream on the mouth of your vagina and urethra if you are already in menopause stage.
• Take a slight antibiotic for long term in the case of recurrent UTI.

Who Are Affected Most:
• Women are very much affected by it than men.
• Woman engaged in sexual activity is in a high risk of UTI.
• Woman who takes the diaphragm contraceptive.
• After menopause.
• Abnormality in urinary system since birth.
• Woman who has stone in kidney.
• Man whose protest gland becomes large.
• Low prevention power against disease.
• Diabetes.
• Using catheter.
• Problems of Urine Infections.
• If the infection takes place for once it would be occurred repeatedly.
• Kidneys would be affected if you do not treat properly.
• Immature baby would be born.
• Weight of your fetus would be lost.

Treatment at Home:
• Drink enough water regularly. It increases the amount of urine and germs are got out through it from your body.
• Strictly avoid the citric acid and caffeine until you get not well from infection.
• You can also do warm fomentation in your lower abdominal, but avoid the high temperature.