Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Banana

Banana is a one of the most known and common fruit worldwide. They contain some of the essential nutrients that have a protective impact on your health. When you get to know the real benefits of banana, we’re sure you would love to add this to your grocery cart. Banana is also known as instant energy booster. And it’s commonly available in every street every little grocery stores.

Well eating banana’s can help improve your calcium and iron levels in the body. It also helps lower blood pressure and may reduce the risk of cancer from a certain induced limit. It has more potential health benefits such as improving heart health and promoting regularity of the body.

Though it’s a common fruit across the globe, yet Indians give a much importance to this fruit whereas various regional cuisines use it in making desserts, like: kheer, halwa, pie, malpua, paniyaram etc. if you travel towards the East and the Northeast, you will come across to notice it in the local breakfast cereal known as ‘Jolpan’ (Local term of breakfast) in Assam.

Must Know Facts About Banana:

Though Banana has a load of health benefits that comes packed with it, here are some must-known facts about this healthy fruit.

  1. Bananas are actually a Berry
  2. This fruit is radioactive
  3. The yellow color is actually fake
  4. It has seeds in them
  5. The Banana forms from a ‘Heart’
  6. The fruit don’t actually grow on trees
  7. They can come in a multitude of colors.

The fruit was originally found in South East Asia, mainly in India. They were brought in West by Arab conquerors in 327 B.C. and carried forward world widely.

Parenting Eating Banana

Top 10 Health Benefits of Banana:

Now when you know that Banana is very useful for your health, here are some pin pointers that will give you a look to some more insight in what way is Banana said to be beneficial for you and your family.

​​1. ​ Best Fruit source for Vitamin B6:

Banana is rich in Vitamin B6 which easily absorbed by the body and may be a medium sized banana can provide about a quarter of the daily required need. Vitamin B6 helps produce red blood cells. Banana metabolizes carbohydrates and fats, turning them into energy source for the body. Metabolizes the amino acid and removes unwanted chemicals from your liver and kidneys. And maintains a healthy nervous system. While Vitamin B6 is good for pregnant women as it helps the baby’s developments needs.

2. Good Heart:

A medium sized banana provides around 320-40 mg of potassium which helps 10% of the required daily needs and maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure. They’re low in sodium. Whereas low sodium and potassium combination helps control high blood pressure.

3. Vast source of Vitamin C:

Many people don’t have an idea of Banana providing a vast source of Vitamin C. A daily consumption of a medium size of banana provides 10% of daily vitamin C need in your body. Vitamin C can protect the body against cell and tissue damages. Through this your body absorbs iron better. The body helps produce collagen, the protein which holds the skin, bones and body together. Supports brain health by producing serotonin, a hormone that affects our sleep cycle, moods, and experiences of stress & pain.

4. Anemia Fight:

The high iron content in bananas helps fight anemia. They are good for those who are suffering from anemia. Anemia is a condition where the number of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood decreases. Which leads to fatigue, short breath and paleness.

5. Moderate Blood Sugar Levels:

Pectin a type of fiber in banana gives the flesh its spongy structural form. It ranks a low to medium on the Glycemic Index (GI), which is a measure from a 0-100 of how quickly foods increase blood sugar levels. It contains resistant starch which acts like soluble fiber and escapes digestion. Pectin and resistant starch may moderate blood sugar levels.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Banana

6. Good Skin:

The amount of manganese provides approximately 13% of the daily required needs. It helps the body make collagen and protects the skin and other cells against free radical damage.

7. Power House of Nutrients:

This particular fruit is called a powerhouse for the vast and packed amount of nutrients they’re filled with. It’s loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, fiber, niacin, manganese, magnesium, folate, riboflavin, and vitamin B6. They contribute to the proper functioning of the body and keeps body healthy. That’s why it is said from ancient times, when hungry, just eat a banana. It burns all the required needs of the body.

8. Digestion made Ease:

The sour and sweet taste of banana is said to bring a sense of heaviness but the sour taste is known to stimulate the digestive juices. Which supports digestion and help building up metabolism. Banana helps beat gastrointestinal issues such as constipation, stomach ulcers and heat burn.

9. Provides Energy minus the Fats:

This fruit is a best choice for the athletes and children, unless any player is allergic. For they contain three natural sugars: sucrose, fructose and glucose, giving you a fat and cholesterol free source of energy. This makes banana an ideal fruit.

10. Weight Loss Friendly:

However bananas do have several attributes that makes them a weight loss friendly for the all packed nutrients, no studies had tested the effects yet. Bananas may aid weight loss because mainly they are low in calories and high in nutrients and fiber. Furthermore, unripe bananas are packed with resistant starch that is tend to be very filling and may reduce the appetite.

Nutrition: Per 100 Grams of Fresh Banana Contains:

  • Zero Cholesterol
  • 27 Carbohydrate
  • 2.6 gm Fiber
  • 360 mg Potassium
  • 10.3 mg Vitamin C
  • 1.1 gm Protein
  • 14.4 gm Sugar
  • 1 mg Salt
  • 0.3 gm Total Fat
  • 26 mg Phosphorus
  • 0.4 mg Iron

Types of Banana:

There are a number of verities of Bananas around the world. The most common and available with full of neutrinos are including:  

  • Apple Bananas, sweet taste, with farm flesh and slight pink tone.
  • Cavendish Bananas, long yellow banana, slight sweet.
  • Lady’s Finger Bananas, smaller and sweeter, milder Cavendish.
  • Pisang Raja/Musa Belle, Indonesian origin.
  • Red Bananas, tend to be sweeter when they’re red
  • Cooking Bananas, thought as potato/starchy vegetable.
Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Banana

Risks of Consuming Too Much Bananas:

Bananas may provide lots of benefits; excess consumption may lead to harms. However, if you’re among those who are non-apprehensive about consuming beyond need, let’s know the results of excessive consumption of Banana.

  • It may trigger migraine in some people
  • Consuming too much potassium can be harmful to those whose kidneys are not fully functional
  • Bananas may trigger an allergy reaction, such as: hives, swelling, wheezing or difficulty breathing.
  • It can cause dental problem and sleepiness

Note: If you having assumption that Banana offers only loads of benefits and that you prefer consuming it for faster metabolism, then you may be inviting unnecessary trouble.

What’s the Best Way to Eat: Fresh Banana?

Though it depends on how you prefer to eat, plain, in salads. You can even consume it raw or make it as a desert dish. Eat Bananas after meal only. They taste amazing!

Here Are a Few Ways We Eat Banana:

  • Fruit Salad – Throw together some cubed apples, bananas, grapes berries, and any fruit you want to add for a quick healthy midday snack.
  • Breakfast – With toast and nutella or peanut butter. Sliced banana on a toasted bread. Cereal or oats, maybe add some maple syrup.
  • Smoothie – After a great post-gym, it’s an ideal drink to go with a long day of work. Just blend bananas, yogurt, milk and honey for a sweet smoothie.
  • Ice Cream – one ingredient banana ice cream. Slice some ripe bananas, freeze them overnight and throw them in a food processor.
Top 10 Best Health Benefits, Banana

Bananas are an incredibly common fruit globally. It’s found in every local grocery store in a cheaper rate, yet it is full packed with nutrients. It is a little known fact that bananas are an effective way to reduce the hangover after a night out partying, as they help reload the potassium lost due to alcohol’s diuretic effects. And for weight conscious people this fruit is a relief. The fruit brings with such positive health benefits and a great taste to boot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Banana:

It’s believed that Bananas are originated up to 10,000 years ago and scientists believe they may have been the world’s first fruit. Here are some frequently asked questions that will give your insight into Banana and many of its health benefits and risks.

Q. How can banana peel be used?

Answer: You can rub the banana peel with brown sugar and coffee or just plain peel on skin. It removes the acne and darkness of skin naturally.

Q. Are Bananas really good for people with diabetes? Don’t they contain a lot of sugar?

Answer: People with diabetes can eat banana on a balanced diet that must be preferred or is prescribed by their doctor. They contain a naturally produced sugar, so each person should consider the portion size.

Q. Can everyone eat banana?

Answer: Well, some medical conditions can result in people having a high level of potassium in the blood. In such case, it’s wise to refrain from consuming it.

Q. How do I soften the flesh for eating Banana?

Answer: You can keep them in a pot filled of rice. Or if you want to keep them fresh for longer, just wrap a plastic over the top.

Note: All the tips mentioned here are strictly informational. This site does not provide medical advice. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. Read more.