Healthy and Bright Skin

Usually people born brighter or darker and that is decided genetically. It is a wonderful experience when people are admired for their brighter skin, and it is a bit pathetic for those with the darker skin. But it is imperative not to be displeased with one’s psychic or skin color as that is decided by the destiny. Again, people may turn dark for their surroundings or based on their working conditions and many more. It is not destined rather the result of denying the skin care rules. In that case, we can develop our skin colour and make the skin brighter by practicing a few techniques. The article is about ten tips that will help you getting a brighter and healthy skin naturally than the commoners. You will look different if you abide by the tips rightly. The ingredients are natural and available everywhere and do not worry- they are economic too.

Tips # 01: Lemon juice, pea-flour and almonds paste:
Lemon juice, pea-flour and almonds paste is an effective one to make you brighter naturally. Make a paste using the ingredients, apply on your face for about 10 minutes and then clean the face with cold water properly. The pea-flour and the lemon juice will remove the dead cells and black spots and the almonds preserve the moisture of your skin.

Tips # 02: Banana and milk paste:
Make a paste with banana and milk. Use the paste on your face and shoulder for about 15 minutes. Wash the paste applied areas with cold water. Usually the bananas make the skin softer than any other natural elements.

Tips # 03: Honey:
Honey is a highly beneficial natural element. It makes the skin bright and softens too. You can make a paste using yogurt, honey and lemon juice. Apply the paste for about 20 minutes on your face. Then wash the face with clean and cold water. Regular use will make you look shiny and the skin will be brighter than before.

Tips # 04: Potato and tomato paste:
Potatoes and tomatoes are used as vegetables. But most of the people are unaware that they are also helpful in brightening skin. So, if you make a paste using potatoes and tomatoes, apply that on your face, you will get a bright skin soon. Use clean water to clear the paste from the face.

Tips # 05: Red lentil, lemon juice, milk and ground rice:
If you want a shiny and soft skin, you can make a paste using red lentils, milk and ground rice, and lemon juice together. Use the scrub on your face twice or thrice in a week. By the end of a month, the skin glow surely.

Tips # 06: Eggs and honey paste:
You can use the white portions of the eggs and a table spoon of honey on your face. Keep it on the face for about 20 minutes and wash the face with cold water. It restores the elasticity of the face and also makes the skin looking bright.

Tips # 07: Sugar and lemon juice:
Simple, take a spoon sugar and mix it with two spoons of lemon juice. Apply it on the face until the sugar melts down with the skin. It is applicable on your whole body too. It is helpful too to shine the skin.

Tips # 08: Baby oil and sugar paste:
Another natural way to get a brighter skin is to apply the paste of baby oil and sugar. Get three tea spoons of baby oil and two spoons of sugar. Mix them well and apply on your face. Regular use will make you look brighter.

Tips # 09: Cornflower and cucumber paste:
If you have acne on your face, you can make a paste of cornflower and cucumber and apply them on the face daily. Soon the acne will be removed and you will get a bright skin.

Tips # 10: Diets:
Usually people do not take foods in plenty for their rush. Foods are helpful to keep your skin looking young and tender. So, take green vegetables, eggs, fish fruit juice and drink water in plenty. If you go out at daytime, use sunscreen before you leave your house.