Teeth are the best thing to show our personality to others. When the teeth are bright, we feel pride and smile subconsciously in a regular interval. Besides, a large number of global populations spend lots of money annually to get a bright shade on their teeth by using different teeth whitening products and running after the dentists. Some of them succeeded and the remaining others failed to achieve the bright shade. At times they follow some unscientific rules to whiten the teeth and cause damage to the teeth color. But people can get a bright and natural color of their teeth using some common and available materials.

Before knowing the stuffs, here is a short note on how teeth lose their color and turn yellow (in most cases).
Different factors work jointly to discolor the teeth and foods are the most important factor in this regard. Majority of the color lose happens for the drinks and foods people take on their everyday life. Besides, avoiding oral care is another important factor for the color damage.

Medical science discovered that a tooth is formed by four elements or tissues naming – enamel, dentin, pulp and cementum. Each of the tissues is assigned with their respective responsibilities like carrying nerves, protecting the tooth sticking the root on the gum etc. The dentin and enamel mostly is responsible to maintain the tooth color and can be damaged through foods and beverages. The unnecessary food particles and elements like acids usually break down the enamel and expose the dentin that casts an odd looking shade on the tooth.

1. Baking Soda:
Baking soda is a good one to remove the yellow shades from the teeth. You just need to make a paste using the baking soda and lemon juice. Smoothly scrub the paste on the teeth for twice or thrice in a week and for three to five minutes each time. It removes the stains from the teeth surface and brings the bright look. You can use water only with the baking soda but that will work slowly. After scrubbing the mouth, rinse properly with fresh water.

2. Fruits and baking soda:
You can also make another paste using baking soda and some available fruits like strawberries; add some salt on the paste. Use the paste to scrub the teeth and it will break the plaques and stains. You are to get the pulp of the strawberries and make a paste using baking soda and salts. The salts will act like external substance remover.

3. Medicated Toothpaste:
Using branded medicated toothpaste is another way to whiten your teeth. Use the right toothpaste twice in the day to clean your teeth. It is better to avoid the available commercial products as most of them are not suitable for the teeth’s health and cause severe damage to oral health.

4. Vegetables and fruits:
Some foods can cast yellowish shade on the teeth and some of the foods are helpful for whitening the teeth. Vegetables like broccoli, carrots and cucumbers are helpful to remove stains from the teeth and apples are good too as they contain malic acid which removes teeth stain naturally. You can also rub strawberries on the teeth for a better result.

5. Banana skins:
Besides, you can use the banana skin to whiten your teeth. You have to use the inner portion of the banana skin and scrub that on the teeth for two to three minutes, rinse the mouth using clean and cold water. You can perform this for thrice in a month to get cleaner and brighter teeth.

6. Make a routine:
If you really want shiny teeth, you are to make a routine that you will follow regularly to brush and care for your teeth. Clean the mouth whenever you eat something and do not forget to brush the teeth twice a day. It will help you getting brighter teeth; your oral health will be sound and save your money.

7. Avoid soft and hard drinks:
Usually people drink both soft and hard beverages in different social occasions without knowing that the drinks are severely harmful for their teeth. It destroys the enamel and increase stains. So, dumping the drinks is one of the best ideas for brighter teeth.