Natural Treatment of Gout

Gout is a physical disorder that can affect anyone and at anytime. It is not an incurable disease but the remedy from gout is not that much easy at it sounds and if you nurture it, it will harm you in different ways. Usually gout causes pain in the joints of human body and men are the worst sufferers. The attacks are severe and nobody can predict about the attacks.

Natural Treatment of Gout:

People try different medications and consult with doctors to control the disorder. Though the pain is controlled for some time, it turns devastating without any specific cause and you are to experience a severe pain on your joints and associating tissues. The tendons are damaged severely for the gout if it is uncontrolled.

Drinking cherry tart juice is a natural remedy for gout. Besides, you can eat cherries too to prevent the unexpected gout attack. Cherries are enriched with natural antioxidants anti-inflammatory elements that help to deactivate the gout causing properties.

Here are 10 Science-Based Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice:

  1. Helps post-workout recovery:

To recover the post exercise strength tart cherry may help you. It has potassium which is conducting the electrical impulse to the whole body. Potassium also need for maintaining the blood pressure, nerve impulse, heart rate, muscle recovery, pH balance, hydration etc.

It suggested you to take tart cherry regularly to help the post-workout recovery. Take 330 mg potassium from a cup of cherries and meet up your 10 % daily demand from the recommended value.

  1. Fights against gout and arthritis Pain:

Inflammation, joint pains are the symptoms of arthritis, tart cherry can reduce it. Blood marker is the sign of osteoarthritis, and in that case cherry juice also very helpful. Consume 16 ounces cherry juice daily and continue six weeks to less the pain.

Gout is also a kind of arthritis, caused for the intense pain and repeated swelling attacks. Tart cherry reduce the uric acid from blood. If you eat tart cherry regularly you can pass that gout problem. In the primary level people may take tart cherry regularly to treat the gout problem instead of other medicine.

  1. Reduces swelling:

People often get experience swollen pain and take anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs. That will give relive from pain but has much side effect as allergies and so on. A research has already done upon human for relieving the swollen pain by using tart cherry. It is much better than any medication without any side effect.

  1. Boosts immunity:

Boost up your immune system by consuming more tart cherry, which has sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, anti- oxidants and the beneficial compounds of plants. Its anti-oxidant properties fight against the infections. The athletic runners consume tart cherry to lead up a marathon race. It works very well to treat the upper respiratory tract symptoms after a race.

  1. Regulates Metabolism and Fights Fat:

To regulate the metabolism properly cherry juice is the best to pick. Its anthocyanin is a kind of flavonoid, which works against the obesity. Due to the flavonoid tart cherry turn to the red color and works to reduce obesity. It also found that, cherry juice also lose the abdominal fat in animal cases.

Moreover, it is proved in rat, that cherry juice reduces the abdominal fat, inflammation and the metabolic syndrome.

Natural Treatment of Gout

  1. Helps you sleep:

Melatonin is a hormone, which is responsible for a good sleep, and tart cherry juice has that melatonin. To create more melatonin cherry juice contain tryptophan and anthocyanin, they are also increasing the strength of melatonin.

To use the melatonin as the supplementary cherry juice is the best choice. A research said that, to recover insomnia problem use tart cherry juice in 16 ounces daily and continue it for two weeks. It will give a better improvement to the insomnia patient.

  1. Blocks Cancer Growth:

Cancer is a disease, which has no permanent treatment to recover completely. So, be serious about, try to avoid it and cherry juice is a good choice for it. It has too much anti-oxidant to prevent the colon tumor formation. By making a research on the animal, it is stated that, cherry juice is able to reduce the cancer cell growth.

Prefer the cherry juice instead of the sports drinks and sodas, to get better refreshment. it will be more safe and healthy for your health.

  1. Might Promote Brain Health:

We know that Parkinson’s as well as the Alzheimer’s are the brain disorder, which is the result of oxidative stress. Tart cherry juice has much amount of anti-oxidants that is very helpful to recover the brain disorder. Melatonin is a part of cherry juice which helps to get a sound sleep.

A sound sleep is helpful for brain health, and at last that is so much for the older men and women. They can take regularly as in 16 ounces daily, as a medication to improve the brain health.

  1. May Reduce soreness of muscle and increase strength:

Tart cherry may reduce the soreness of muscle and increase the strength. The runners of athletes drink 24 ounces tart cherry juice on the race day. It gives more refreshment and gives less pain. For the upcoming marathon runners take 16 ounces cherry juice daily, to less muscle damage, inflammation, soreness and recover very fast.

  1. Airway Infections Caused by Exercise:

Early research says that drinking the sour cherry as well as the apple juice in previous and after completing a marathon. As a reason reduces the cough, the sore throat, the congestion, and the sneezing, those are result of the race.

How to make Cherry Juice:

To make the tart cherry juice, you will need the following ingredients:
Fresh cherries – 15 ounce and make sure the fruits are free of any form of pesticides or artificial chemicals.
Lemon juice – 1 table spoon
Soda water – 1 bottle
Honey – 2 table spoon (do not add anything with the honey and if you want to make it more sweet, add another spoon)
Fresh water – half pint

Cherry Juice Preparation:

At first bring out the cherry seeds from the cherries. Take a medium size pot or saucepan. Place the cherries on the pan and pour the honey on the cherries. For those who want to make the juice sweeter, they can increase the honey quantity by one or two spoon more. Boil the cherries with the honey for about 15 minutes on a low temperature.

Shut the stove and pound the cherries to get out the extract. Then cover up the paste and keep preserve it on the normal temperature for about one and half to two hours. When it comes down to the normal or room temperature, add some water on it and stir the mixture so that all the ingredients could get mixed properly with each other.

Natural Treatment of Gout

Then fire the stove again and allow them to boil for a few minutes more. Stir the mixture so that it does not get gluey with the pan. When there are bubbles on the mixture check if it turns thick like syrup.

Squeeze the mixture to extract the juice. The best idea is to preserve the extract on a bottle or jar. The juice needs to be served with water. Add one or two table spoon of the extract on a glass of water. If you do not want water, you can use carbonated soda to drink the juice.

Calorie Caution:

Tart cherry juice is full of many nutrients; it is a combination of many nutrients. From each 8 ounce tart cherry juice we get 28 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 2 g protein, 1 g fat, RDI 62% of vitamin A, 40 % RDI of vitamin C, 14% RDI Manganese, 7 % RDI of vitamin K, 12% RDI of potassium, 12% of copper. In total we get 119 calories from each 8 ounce tart cherry juice, adding with omega-3 and omega-6 fats.

Tart cherry juice contain5 times more anti-oxidants and 2o time more vitamin A than sweet cherry juice. Some tart cherry contain some sugars, so be sure before eating it.

Possible Side Effects:

Cherry juice is sour, and if you are an adult, then it is ok but good not for children as too much. Though it works as medicine for short term but it may cause diarrhea if we take it in excess. In case of pregnant women and breast feeding women, it is not good in excess. You can take it as normal food amount.

Tart cherry may create stomach upset, bloating, gas, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, fructose mal-absorption due to contain sorbitol. Long time absorption of tart cherry affects your kidney injury, high potassium level etc. So, you take the tart cherry as for medication but not in too excess.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Can I use cherry to improve sleep?

Answer: Melatonin maintains our sleeping cycle which found in tart cherries. It is very much helpful to improve our sleep and keep our mind and body fresh. From European journal we know that, it not only improve sleep, it also improve sleeping duration. An insomnia patient should try it as early as possible.

Q. What about tart cherry if we use it for gout treatment?

Answer: Research says that, if we take cherry juice in every two days, we may away from gout risk. If gout formation in acute phase please continues cherry juice or tart cherry for 4 month long time. Not only this, it may lose the uric acid level from the blood. So, for gout problem treatment using tart cherry is a solution.

Q. What are the ingredients to make the cherry juice?

Answer: To prepare the cherry juice we need some ingredients. They are fresh cherry 15 ounce, fresh water ½ point, soda water 1 bottle, honey 2 tp., lemon juice 1 tp. Collect all the ingredients in actual amount to make the cherry juice.

Q. What are the nutritional benefits of the tart cherry?

Answer: From cherry we get vitamin (Vitamin A), fiber, folic acid, minerals (Potassium, Calcium) and so more. Due to its anti-oxidental properties it is very famous. So, tart cherry is full of nutritional benefits.

Q. Can we use cherry to speed up the recovery after taking exercise?

Answer: Research said that, the tart cherry has the capacity to recovery after the exercise. If you drinking the cherry juice continuously 7 days before, it will be very helpful to minimize your muscle pain. Another study said that, cherry juice come to aid recovery after the strenuous exercise.