Take Care of Your Nails

A nail is an envelope covering the outermost part of your fingers or toes, where the neurons are opened. Nails act as the claw and are made of keratin-one kind of protein. Cuticle is the layer of keratinocytes which produce keratin.

Nails are an important part of your beauty. Healthy and a well-shaped nails increase your beauty and make you more attractive. Nails grow always but faster in the summer . You can shape your nails anytime whenever you want. It’s your choice that either you keep it small or big, but must care of it. Nails are the best store of germs. A littlie big and well-shaped nails may make you attractive but hygiene is must.

Check your nails weekly:

Check the shape and texture and color of your nails weekly. If you find any change different with natural , do not avoid them. Some symptoms indicate you to take a special care of them. Some symptoms are here that you can take them as example:

• Yellowed nails- Slower growing rate.
• White Spot- Zink deficiency.
• Flattened- Severe iron deficiency.
• Hang Nail and Red-brown spot – Lack of vitamin C.
• Squared- Abnormality in hormone.

Common Nail Disease:

Be careful about nails health. Different types of diseases may attack your beautiful nails. Fungal infection is very common. Some common diseases are:

Pseudomonas: ‘green’ discoloration.
Tinea Unguis: Loss of nail plate.
Onychatrophia: nail plate become smaller and sometimes shed.
Onychogryposis: Nail plate curves inward, pinching the nail bed.
Onychauxis: the nail plate becomes over-thickening.
Leuconychia: white lines or spots.
Beau’s Lines: horizontal lines of darkened cells.

Need Treatment:
Do not ignore, if any symptom you find on your nail. A long time a disease may address you to severe infection which may cause cancer unfortunately. Go to an nail expert and should follow him.

You are the best Doctor of your Nails:
Here thereby some suggestions by following them you may be your own nails’ doctor.

• Pedicure and manicure are must and take it 2 times per month.
• Be sure about your manicure and pedicure chemicals, if you can take it at home with herbal products .
• Make your nails free from nail polish for one or to day in a week so that they can come in touch of sunshine.
• Do not keep your nails so long as it may harmful for you and the earlier part of your nail becomes weak as much it grows.
• Avoid the blade and other weapon and use the nail cutter for re-shape your nail
• Clean your nails daily with liquid bath soap using a soft brush.
• Wear hand gloves while you are in kitchen and working at garden.
• Drinks at least 8 glasses of water daily.
• Avoid the crush diet, it makes you de-hydrate.
• Start with a balanced diet with vegetables and fruits containing lean protein
• Balance your weight with your height.
• Take a sound sleep of 6 hours.
• Do not make your life a hell with your stress rather try to find out the exact solution to address your problem.