People usually take bath or shower for cleaning his body and freshness. You shower daily, right? You may take 10 or 15 minutes every day for showering and sometimes more than 15. Well, but do not ensure that you follow the exact way for showering may be. Some experts suggest you some measures so you can handle it properly within a very short time. If you follow them you may get a smart shower daily.

01. Fix a Plan:
You have to make a plan listing individual task for individual day in the time of showering. It saves your time and reduces your pressure.

02. List Out the Accessories:
List out the accessories necessarily used in your shower room. Buy them from shop and put them on your bathroom. Make sure the quality of your accessories.

03. Use Soap Free Body Wash:
Soap is not suitable for your body. Soap contains soda based chemical is harmful for your skin. It reduces your moisture level and removes essential oil of your skin. Water based body wash keeps you free from dryness. You should keep its pH up to 5.5.

04. Use Warm Water Not Hot:
Always use warm water not hot. Hot water is harmful more than soap. It reduces your skin moisture and makes your body dry. It also breaks hair and weakens the cuticles also. Always use warm water for bathing. You feel warmth and fresher than ever.

05. Clean Washcloths Daily:
Your washcloths may get affected with bacteria for continuous wetness. Clean them properly and dry out in sun or with cloth drier. Don’t use the washcloth on your face. It brings pimples on your face.

06. Smart Shampooing:
Put a handful shampoo on your hair but not your scalp daily. Daily shampoo on your scalp creates while rash and damages your hair. Start shampooing from the ends and not too close to your root. Use shampoo on the root once in a week only. Wash your hair to removing shampoo properly. Otherwise your hair may be hampered.

07. Clean You’re Foot:
Your foot is very much closer to dirty and it is must to clean your foot and its nail properly. Use nail cutter to shape your nail and a smoothly clean your leg with bath soap

08. Shave After 5 minute of Shower:
Don’t shave your hair at first. If you do this after 5 minute shower you may clean them properly to get well finishing shave. Hair gets soft with water and gives you a fresher shave. The cuticles of hair also get soft and help razor to run smoothly.

09. Use Mild Lotion As Soon As Possible:
Your body needs moisturizing as soon as possible before gets dry after shower. Use a mild moisturizing lotion on your body, so you’re your skin gets moisturizer on its depth.

10. Have a Short Shower:
You don’t spend more than 10 minute to take a bath. More than 10 minutes while showering makes your body dry and you may get a bad cold. Root of hair may turn to wipe out. It also saves your daily time.

All shower daily. But different of you from them how smartly do this every day. A clean body offers you a healthy body and mind. You can ensure your cleanliness with taking bath regularly. You can just follow these ways and have a smart shower.