Sleep is a natural and regular phase of living things which is essential to run the whole system of a body after a certain time. When animal sleeps the whole immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems are strengthened.

Standard Sleeping Time:
Here is a list showing the standard sleeping time of human being and it is well proved that a standard sleeping time makes sure your standard health.

Age Sleeping Time (hours)

0-2 month          12-18
3-11 month         14-15
1-3yr                    12-14
3-5yr                    11-13
5-10yr                  10-11
10-17                    08-09
Adult                    07-09

Why You Need a Sleep?

Sleep is must for all animals including vertebrates, amphibian, and reptile and so on. Your brain takes rest when you sleep and extracts such a hormone which refreshes your whole body and mind. If you can take enough quality of sleep daily it improves your mental health, living styles, decreases the depressions and makes you stress free. You need a proper sleep to fix the following benefits:

• Proper sleeps boosts fat loss. When your body takes rest and all functions are run together and more calories are burned.
• Different kinds of physical pain can be removed with a proper sleep. Hormone extracts when you sleep which removes the muscles’ pain
• To enjoy a better sex life no alternative to sleep properly. Proper sleep reduces your stress and keeps you physically fit.
• To ensure a better health, a sound sleep of at least 6 hours is must
• A proper sleep makes your brain active and it helps you pay attention, to take a decision and increase your learning levels.
• A healthy sleep keeps you physically fit and increases your strength
• You can enjoy your total daytime at your working place and it also increases your working performance.

Possible causes of Sleep Problem:

Abnormalities of Some physiological Function:

Some physiological problems derive from the some abnormalities of your bodily functions and directly hamper your sleep including:

• Emotional disorders
• Metabolic functions
• Immune system
• Cardiovascular system
• Brain and nervous system

Environmental Factor:
To keep environmental factors friendly is very essential for proper sleep.

• Make sure your room temperature in neither cold nor hot.
• A sound free room gives a chance to enjoy a better sleep.
• Comfort and size of your bed are needed to pay attention.
• The behavior of your partner also influences on your sleep.

Effect of Food and Drugs:

Some foods and drugs much effect on your sweet sleep. Be careful using these food and do not take a drug unusually and without permission of your doctor. Here some list of drugs and foods which exactly effects on your sleep:

• Addicted to alcohol is very dangerous for your sleep as well as your health. People may think that alcohol increases their sleep, but alcohol may cause them to a bad sleeping experience.
• Amphetamine used to treat narcolepsy has very harmful side effects like stimulation, anxiety etc.
• Caffeine contains in coffee and tea generally is a stimulate which makes your hormones slow to work.
• Cocaine may cause the oversleeping.
• Empathogen-entactogens types of drugs keep the user awake for a long time.
• Methylphenidate reduces your sleep time and makes you drowsy
• Tobacco is very harmful for your health and proper sleep and also reduces your sleep time.
• Some analeptic drugs like Modafinil and Armodafinil have very harmful side effects.