Top 10 Best Tips To Remove Skin Stretch Marks at Home

Skin is the outer covering of every being on the earth. It is a cover that is a divine gift for all and there are lots of attempts to make the cover (skin) look a glowing one has been being practiced from time immemorial. People use different methods and tricks and treatments on their skin to get the desired look on the skin.

But at times, there are some unwanted scars on our skin in different stages of our life span. We gain excessive weight; we have unpleasant scars on the some specific parts. Even, women have some scars on their lower abdomen at the postnatal stage. The spots are visible on the abdomen, waist line, hands, knees, neck and even on their breasts. The marks make them look ugly and the feeling is unpleasant too to bear the marks on the body.

But is it impossible or too difficult to remove the spots from the skin? Once it was one of the hardest tasks, but now it is not. The spot removal is easier than ever before. Here are ten best tips to remove such scars from your skin within the shortest possible time and cost-effective manner.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch mark is a kind of scar; it appears when our skin getting stretches or shrinking is called stretch mark. That abruptly makes collagen or elastin, which gives support to rupture. Fluctuating hormones, skin heals, genetically disorders, etc. are the causes of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Causes and Risk Factors:

Some reasons are responsible for creating the stretch mark, and it becomes tough to stop it very quickly. Here are available some possible reasons for getting a stretch mark. What are they?

You may get stretch marks because of:

  1. Weight gain very quickly.
  2. Childhood growth sometimes makes stretch, and it may fade in the older period.
  3. In pregnancy, time showing the stretch mark, because, in that time, hormones make skin fibers weaken.
  4. Implant in breast surgery.
  5. Bodybuilding or body growth because of the muscle getting bulge.
  6. Take steroid medicine or is affected by Cushing’s syndrome.
  7. Marfan syndrome, a genetic disease or disorder, weakens skin fiber and creates excess growth.
  8. Collagen is a protein of our body, which is damaged due to the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).
  9. It may continue from one generation to the next generation in your family.

Stretch Mark Symptoms

Stretch Mark Symptoms:

Stretch marks are not the same in color and condition for all. Sometimes it is getting raised, or itchy rippled, etc. The color of the stretch mark may be red, purplish blue, pink, or pale. Stretch marks usually are shown in some familiar places for all. By showing symptoms and placing, you can notice it.

They may show up on many parts of your body:

  1. In the Arms
  2. Back Parts of the body
  3. Breasts area
  4. In Buttocks
  5. Hips area
  6. Shoulders place
  7. Stomach or torso etc.

What Do They Look?

Stretch marks appear as the tissues’ internal tearing and coming out of the underneath blood vessels. At the primary level, stretch marks look like pinkish, purplish, or reddish-brown.

  1. When getting stretched mark, the skin may become papery, pink, or itchy at the last time of striations appearing.
  2. When formed, they look as fair or sometimes in shriveled streaks placed above the skin.
  3. The Scars’ colors are getting fade from the new formation to the light silvery hue.
  4. After passing some time, the wrinkled signs flatten and make consistency.

If the scars are less conspicuous, it may not disappear entirely at the older stage, keep it in mind also.

Raise Protein Intake:
Protein is a useful food ingredient to remove the scars. Increase your protein intake every day and take fishes, nuts, sunflower or watermelon seeds, white part of eggs, custards etc. in plenty. The foods will keep your skin moisturized and help in removing the scratches.

Apply Eggs:
Eggs are not only food, they also play important role to make our skin healthy if we use it externally. You have to apply the white portion of the egg (remove the yellow part) and massage that until it mixes with the skin. Continue the massaging until the marks disappear.

Beauty Products With Glycolic Acid:
Glycolic acid helps to remove the scratch marks from skin. So, if you want to remove the scars, you can try toiletries or cosmetics made with glycolic acid. Before you buy the beauty products like moisturizer, cleanser or toner after your skin type, do not forget to check if the products are made using the acid. It works like a magic.

Potato has numerous applications and mostly is a popular food. It is also useful in removing the scars. Take a single potato piece and slice it into two. Then massage the sliced potatoes on the scratches for about 10 minutes. Rinse the place with clean and cold water.

Cream With Vitamins:
At times the scars occur for lack of vitamins on our body. Only taking a balanced diet is not always enough to keep your skin healthy. Try using creams with different vitamins. Vitamin C is reputed to remove such scratch marks. So, you can get a cream containing vitamin C as ingredient. Apply it on the mark twice or thrice in a day. If you cannot manage the cream, take vitamin C supplement.

Lemon Slice:
Lemon contains different mild acid that is helpful for digestion. But it is also a remover for scars and other marks from the skin. So, if you are suffering from the unpleasant marks, you can use lemon slices. Take a slice and massage or rub it on the scar for 10 to 15 minutes. The massage is helpful to remove the scars within a short time.

Vegetable Oils:
Vegetable oils are enriched with numerous natural substances and properties that are essential to keep the skin healthy. You can take few drops of vegetable oils (olive oil, argan oil and other available), mix them together and massage on the scar every day for about 10 to 15 minutes. It will remove the scars gradually.

Natural Scrub:
You can make some scrubs using natural elements. The most effective scrub is made from the mixture of lemon juice, sugar and olive oil. Apply the scrub on the spot and massage for 10 minutes, the spots will be gone gradually and by the same time you will get a glowing skin.

Apply Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is another natural element used in scar treatment. Take out the jelly from the aloe vera and apply that on the spot. Keep the jelly on the spot for about two hours and clean with clear and cold water, and then dry the skin.

Apricot Paste:
The apricot paste is another natural element to remove scars. Remove the seeds from the fruit and make a paste. Use the paste on the scar every day for about 20 minutes. Try to apply the paste twice in a day. The result is outstanding.

Remove Skin Stretch Marks at Home

When Need to See the Doctor:

Consult with your doctor When the stretch marks do not disappear naturally and look very ugly, you have to consult with your doctors.

  • Cover a large area of your body.
  • Make very quickly nor without another discernible reason.
  • It is causing itching.

What your dermatologist may ask you:

  • Have you presented any stretch marks before?
  • When you notice it for the first time?
  • Have you taken any skincare medicine recently?
  • Are you applying cortisone cream on the skin?
  • What type of symptoms do you notice?
  • Are you feeling itchy in the affected area?

What you may want to ask your dermatologist:

  • Is it sure that the stretch marks go out permanently?
  • Is there having any possibility of making any health risks?
  • How much common is it?
  • How can make the stretch marks fade and less noticeable?
  • What are the possible ways to prevent the stretch mark in the pregnancy period?

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q. Is vitamin A may help to get rid of stretch marks?

Answer: Stretch mark causes due to the collagen protein rupture. In this case, Vitamin A is very much essential to develop collagen, which plays a vital role in keeping the skin healthy and elastic. You can use retinoid or tretinoin cream to fill up the Vitamin A gape.

Q. Can stretch marks are disappeared by naturally?

Answer: Yes, when the causes of stretch marks formation are not present longer, it may disappear by own. But mostly it makes fade or less visible after a long time.

Q. Which oils are beneficial to treat the stretch marks?

Answer: Some oils can treat the stretch marks. Such as bitter almond oil, mixed with the orange oil, neroli oil, patchouli oil, lemon oil, or pomegranate oil as the base mixer to reduce the stretch marks.

Q. Can stretch marks are the result of underlying skin condition?

Answer: Yes, due to some genetic disorders, our skin gets stretch marks, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Marfan syndrome, and Cushing’s syndrome. On the other hand, longer time using steroid or corticosteroid cream may make the stretch marks.

Q. Any crucial tips have to keep in mind for dealing with stretch marks?

Answer: For dealing with that stretch marks, some common tips need to obey regularly. Such as controlling weight, limiting caffeine intake, drinking plenty of water, making hydrated, using a skin moisturizer, using a natural brush to increase blood circulation, take vitamin A, C, D, E, and Zn.