You are very much worry about your bulky body, want to lose them and also already start weight losing program. You may go to gym; it burns your calories and also reshapes your body. Wait, want to lose quickly? Get ready to increase your heart beat that means cardio- increasing your heart beat up to requirement level. Why is cardio? Well, it takes care of your heart health, burns calories and fat, strengthens respiratory system, and improves oxygen levels in your tissues and blood and so on. But some cardio myths are very popular. People may do wrong while doing cardio and other weight loss program. Let’s see some cardio myths you may also follow them.

More Cardio More Eat:
We have already many calories to burn. So, never think that you need more food as you are doing more cardio. Cardio helps you to burn extra calories but if you add or more it’ll be more difficult to work.

Adding more weight don’t Effect the cardio If you cannot control you weight properly and take a regular cardio, it may not so fruitful for you. First, control your weight according to your height and then hit upon the cardio.

Cardio for Any Time:
Well, if you do not have any time you can do cardio for 10 minute wiener you get time but the best way is to do cardio in a fixed time of a day. And time? Totally ups to you. The best time for woman is 10-15 min. take a rest of 2 min and then start.

Cardio is only for Fat Loss:
I cannot think so. You may think that you go to gym for losing weight only but you may prove wrong. Cardio helps to build up a lean muscle and reshape every parts of your body. It helps to serve nutrients all over the body and increases blood circulation. As more cardio as you do your body will adopt with it and after someday it will burn less calories. So, increase your cardio time per every week as much your body can tolerate.

High Intensity Cardio Interval not for Advanced Athletes:
A smart interval during your cardio is matter. This interval is effective for both advanced athletes and general one. A less fit person can also be effective if he takes a short interval during his weight lose program or cardio.

Avoid Low Intensity Cardio:
Low intensity cardio cannot burn more calories rather it wastes a lots of time. You may think that you burn your bulky calories slowly but it does not seem true in this case. You spend a certain time for it not for a day long, so go ahead to high intensity cardio. It consumes more time and returns you a low feedback.

Faster Cardio Cannot Burn More fat:
You may suffer a great disadvantage if you do your cardio without taking any food. You may think that if you take it in the morning without taking any food, you can burn more calories. No, it’s not true at all. Faster cardio hampers on your muscle tissue, increases your metabolic rate and you get tired quickly. You should eat some foods 30 minute before cardio, it burns more calories.

First Cardio then Weight lose program:
Pseudo-science talks behind this. It is very harmful to join in two program at a same times. Take any one and then another. You have to decide what you need first. Many athletes are not sure about whether weight lose program is first or cardio. But expertise suggests that you should hit upon your weight first because extra weight may disturb your cardio.

Cardio is an important part of your overall health. Some bodybuilders make problems with losing weight and reshaping muscles. Both are performed by the perfect cardio. Cardio Myths can make wrong sense among the new athletes. Before starting this, clear sense about this is very important.