Peter Rabbit 2 - The Runaway (2021)

Fan favorite bunny is back again with Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway or shortly Peter Rabbit 2. Will Gluck is the director of this live-action computer-animated movie. Patrick Burleigh and Will Gluck have written the plot of Peter Rabbit 2. This film is a sequel to the movie Peter Rabbit released in 2018. Peter Rabbit movie is based on the stories written by Beatrix Potter. Will Gluck, Zareh Nalbandian are producing this film. The production companies behind this CGI-live action comedy film are Columbia Pictures, Animal Logic, Media Rights Capital, 2.0 Entertainment, Olive Bridge Entertainment. In May 2018, Sony Pictures announced that they had started the development of the sequel to Peter Rabbit. In the first month of 2019, principal photography of this film started. Sony Pictures Releasing is bringing this film to the United Kingdom on December 11, 2020, and in the United States on January 15, 2021.

Synopsis of Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021):

Rabbit Peter is now living happily with Thomas and Bea. But Peter wants to wonder more out of his garden. He is now in a big world where his mischief knows no bound. But there he meets new challenges and characters. He ends up making trouble for his whole family. Peter Rabbit is now in a situation where he needs to find out what kind of person he is supposed to be.

James Corden is returning again to voice the little rabbit. Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson will be in the cast this time too for reprising the characters of Bea McGregor and Thomas McGregor. Other major casting members are David Oyelowo, Elizabeth Debicki, Margot Robbie. In February 2019, David Oyelowo confirmed that he would join the cast to reprise his role from the first film.

Story of Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021):

The story of the Peter Rabbit franchise is based on the books by Beatrix Potter. In the previous movie, we saw Peter Rabbit (James Corden;) his three sisters: Flopsy (Margot Robbie,) Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki) and Cotton Tail (Daisy Ridley), and their cousin Benjamin (Colin Moody) were enjoying their lives stealing vegetables from Mr. McGregor’s garden and harassing him. Peter Rabbit is famous for being very notorious in the place he resides. They had a friend named Bea (Rose Byrne) who has an interest in painting. Bea’s parents were killed by Mr. McGregor. After the sudden death of Mr. McGregor, Peter Rabbit invited all the nearby local animals, and they took over McGregor’s house.

They were having a lot of fun because no one was there to stop him. They were now spending their time to steal as much as they want from McGregor’s garden. But their fun and freedom did not last long because soon McGregor’s great-nephew Thomas (Domhnall Gleeson) inherited the house. Thomas also became an enemy of the rabbits like his uncle and that caused a battle between Thomas and the rabbits. But Thomas started to fall in love with Bea. In the end, Thomas and Bea got married and they went to London with the rabbits.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway will be in continuation with the previous movie, Peter Rabbit. Bea and Thomas are now living a happy married life. But soon Peter becomes bored with his peaceful life. So, Peter Rabbit travels to a new big city where he faces new adventures and misadventures. There he meets new shady characters. He finds that in this place his mischiefs have a meaning. He somehow realizes that being notorious is not bad at all. On the other hand, Peter Rabbit’s family goes to search for Peter Rabbit and they all fell into great trouble. Now Peter Rabbit must decide what kind of bunny he wants to be.

The Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021) Film’s Content Analysis:

  • Cinematography: Peter Menzies Jr. is the cinematographer of this film. Some notable works of this Australian cinematographer are blockbuster action films such as Die Hard with a Vengeance, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Incredible Hulk, and Clash of the Titans. He also did the cinematography of Peter Rabbit.
  • Editing: Matt Villa is editing Peter Rabbit 2. This Australian editor achieved Best Editing at the AACTA Awards for his works on The Great Gatsby and Predestination.
  • Art Direction: Nicholas Dare, Sophie Nash are the art directors of Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.
  • Writing: The story of Peter Rabbit 2 takes its inspiration from the stories of Peter Rabbit written by Beatrix Potter. Patrick Burleigh and Gluck have written the script for this upcoming film.
  • Directing: The previous film’s director Will Gluck is directing this sequel this time also. He is best known for his movies like Easy A, Friends with Benefits, Annie, Peter Rabbit.
  • Live-action Cast:
    • Domhnall Gleeson as Thomas McGregor
    • Rose Byrne as Bea McGregor
    • David Oyelowo as Nigel Basil-Jones
  • Voice Cast:
  • James Corden as Peter Rabbit
  • Margot Robbie as Flopsy Rabbit
  • Elizabeth Debicki as Mopsy Rabbit
  • Aimee Horne as Cottontail Rabbit.
  • Colin Moody as Benjamin Bunny
  • Lennie James as Barnabas
  • Sia as Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle
  • Domhnall Gleeson as Mr. Jeremy Fisher
  • Rose Byrne as Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Sam Neill as Tommy Brock.
  • Rupert Degas as Samuel Whiskers
  • Ewen Leslie as Pigling Bland
  • Christian Gazal as Felix D’eer
  • Damon Herriman as Tom Kitten
  • Music: Dominic Lewis is scoring Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.
  • Theme: Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is a family fantasy movie with a touch of comedy and adventure. This film has rated PG for showing some rude humor action scenes.

Where to Watch Movies:

  • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway Movie Watch Online: Crackle, Popcornflix, Youtube, Tubi, Yidio, Netflix, IMDb TV, etc.
  • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway Movie Download: Torrent, Fmovies, WorldFree4U, MovieScrib, XMovies, Archive, P2PGuru, Hotstar, etc.
  • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway Movie Watch on Theatre: You can also watch Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway on your nearby Cineplex and Blockbuster.

Peter Rabbit was a box office hit in the year 2018. This American parody film got a score of 64% on the Rotten Tomatoes website. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway. Peter Rabbit 2 is desiring the fans with its amazing plotline. Now it is just a matter of time to see how Peter Rabbit 2 fulfills the fan’s expectation.