Diseases are human attributives and suffering from the diseases is too common phenomena for us. We use different drugs and medications to get well of the illness. In most cases we are relieved from the physical illness nut at times the drugs cast a negative effect on our body.

Besides, we use different drugs including painkillers and therapies as well to remove our suffering. Sometimes we are cured and at times we are not. We lose trust from the regular drugs and keep suffering from the troubles.

But there are some organic medicines available around us to relieve us from some usual sufferings and pain. They are termed as natural painkillers. Here is a brief note about top 10 organic pain killers that are available around us and easy to use.

Olive Oil:
Olive oil is consisted of some natural chemicals and active ingredients that remove pain almost instantly. People can use the on regular basis to have relief from pain caused by injury or shock. Usually it is used for cooking food and in some regions it is used on body to moisturize.

Ginger is a kind of spice found all over the world. The spice is mostly used for removing pain and effective to relieve pain from arthritis and rheumatism. The anti-chemicals on ginger is helpful to remove muscle inflammation without any side effect or other troubles.

Valerian Root:
The valerian root is a kind of herbal medicine without any side effects and mostly used for solving sleeping problems around the globe like insomnia. But it is also applicable for muscle cramps and some disorders like menstrual cramps and symptoms of females.

Turmeric is also a highly effective pain relief herb and spice. It is mostly used in curries to add tastes and color. But the spice is also popular in removing joint pains, muscle cramps, arthritis and other pains associated with injuries or any chronic pain. It is safe and effective without any side effect.

Capsaicin or the chili peepers is also has fame as herbal medicine and removes chronic pain. Usually it has the ability to heal the nerves and thus the pain is removed from the affected area but the process is a bit lengthy.

Feverfew is the herb useful to remove fever and associated pain with the fever. The herb is also helpful in removing toothaches, stomach disorders, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis and migraine.

This is an Indian herb and mostly useful in removing both chronic and simple pains. The elements inside the Boswellia is acidic and less toxic the decrease the inflammations and thus reduces the pains and even could be used for arthritis too.

Devil’s Claw:
Naming is a great thing but at times they fail to express the inner quality. Devil’s claw is such a natural element that is useful to get relief from arthritis and back pain and there is no side effects on using the herb.

Saliva is a natural pain reliever and is considered more effective even than the traditional drug – morphine. Usually morphine has some addictive features, but saliva is free of any side effects. Usually saliva stops the flow of pain from the nerve cells.

Usually cherries are used in different ways but mostly it is unknown that cherries contain anthocyanins – highly helpful to tame your pain. It works like the conventional medicine to stop the pain causing enzymes. It is useful in curing arthritis.