You may look that a woman spends her most time for a better look. Thus you may think that, she always thinks about sex. Not at all. She thinks another one more then sex. What is it? Gases… and gases, yes it is money. We generally think that men run after the money only, a large part of her thinking is covered by money not sex. Financial stress may trigger you to think her so.

A continues money problem may turn a woman makes a man hunger of money. Maximum girlfriend was very curious about his salary. But normally she also wants to earn equal.

A survey was performed among the 2500 people. This research reports that, about 27% of man is satisfied with his girlfriend or wife. Their girl friend or wife is engaged in a job with a same or better salary. About 67% of man is very much conscious about their girlfriend, because he often falls in trouble with her for economic issues. And about 55% woman said that they are very interest in money and also in sex but not more than money. 17% of woman is satisfied with their earning and they are very much interest in sex, about 14% woman thinks that, it is not fair to compare money with sex.

Stresses make a man detached from normal activity. If you think that you may also remember that whenever you fall in a trouble for a long time you might not concentrate any other.

A woman suffers from insecurity including money naturally. Don’t take it otherwise. She thinks that her partner would not be with her after some years when she will be aged and this thinking triggers you to think about economic security than sex.

Money always matters. We always do work for money. Don’t take it as the main goal of your life. We have to maintain our life with such problem.

Never talk about money with your partner during intercourse. It just ruins your sex life. Kick out the money issues when you are really want to live together.