A relationship is a two way process and both the man and woman are responsible to maintain it. Concealing information regarding the relationship is unwanted and may invite different sort of troubles. Therefore, the best way is to learn about the person you are intending to get involved into a relationship. However, at times it happens that both of you might have missed something about your counterpart, and interestingly that is unintentionally – how it feels?

It may happen surely and it happens mostly in the cases of women folks. When asked about their other halves that how much she knows about him, many of the women cannot reply satisfactorily. But some of them have good ideas about their beloved ones. Many people are on the view that the mind of women is almost inaccessible and males are easier to access. However, the fact is not that much true.

Sometimes the mind and thoughts of males are also inaccessible. They do not reveal themselves exactly how it was to be done. Usually men hide themselves behind a hard shell. So, it is not easier to know or get about a man. If you are thinking that you have got your man, do you really got him? It may happen that you are entirely on wrong direction.

Let’s know something interesting about males that they hide about themselves:

They think of Their Attires:
Usually there is a very traditional notion that only women are worried about their looks and attires and males do not think over the issue. It is also believed that men wear dresses whatever they have before them to attend any event or to meet their other halves. The idea is not true at all. Like the females, males are also worried about their looks and attires. Though they do not start dieting like the women, they pay attention to their figure too.

Competitive Tendency:
Generally a competitive tendency is nurtured among the women always over almost all the issues regardless major or minor in size. But such a competitive tendency is also available on males too. It is said that males are competitive by birth and intend to win or get something they desire. They do not want to negotiate over their desired things.

Physical Attractions Lead to Love:
Many of the people are on the view that only physical attractions and beauties help boys to fall in love with girls. Only physical attraction cannot persuade the males to love their counterparts. To love someone, they do not prioritize the physical beauty. Rather they are fond of negotiation, mutual understanding and her relations with the practicality.

Boys Prefer Dignity:
Usually men prefer their dignity than the love from the other part. As a male, the boy must have some ego and thus he expects a special respect from the female he has fallen in love with. He prefers the respect more than the love and consequently there are some misunderstandings between the couple. Whatever the situation turns, boys love thinking this way.

Generally, females seek security to the males. This is a sort of mental security and a sense of mental satisfaction. But do not think so that males are free of such insecure feelings. At times they also feel the same way of insecurity, and then they seek mental shelter to their counterparts.

Misrepresentation of Romance:
Boys are born romantic. But it is an irony of fate that they fail to express their romance in the right way. They are always in thoughts that if they make any mistakes or if they cannot express their emotions rightly or if there are any other troubles, or if he turns the subject of making fun and more such thoughts.

Usually men are more practical than women are. They do not believe what they hear from anyone rather want evidence against the claim that is just opposite of the women. Women do not need any evidence to believe anything. So, it is better to show the evidence before your man if you want him to believe something.

Emotional Before the Fiancé:
The hard shell turns weak before the woman he is in love. It is the intentional representation of a quality so that the woman turns more impressed with the man. He tries to show her his weakness to her and by the same time is on the view to attain her impression as a good human (whatever he is to others).