Beauty & Health Tricks :: Top 10 Way to Make Your Eyes Whiter

Sclera-the outer white layer of eyes consists of elastic fiber & collagen. This white part is wet and important for nonverbal communication. The color of sclera changes when you are very close to a diseases or the changing color of this white area would be the better symptoms of your diseases. Red color of your eyes reports you to take a proper sleep and yellowish color of your eyes suggests you to go a specialist, deal with hepatitis and to a diagnose institutions for checking your hemoglobin. It is important to keep your sclera white which ensures that you are physically fit. So, let’s join with us and review the ways to keep your eyes White.

Makeup Tips:
Natural is the best but if your eyes want an extra care of them and a lovely touch of a makeup, you have to concern about makeup selection. A proper makeup would hide your redness or yellowish color of your eyes.

A blue color of eyeliner adds you brightness as royal blue reflects in the eyes and cover the redness and yellowish color. A thick layer of blue mascara also would put a musk on your eyes that increases your brightness.

Use a piece of ice on your both eyes before decorating them with makeup for 5 minutes. It helps to recover your darkish color around the eyes.

You can use a white pencil in the inner part of two lines. So that, inner part would be appeared with more white color.

Sleep Tight:
The redness color of your eyes or the darkish color around the eyes is caused by long time lacking of sleep. It helps to look your eyes tired, dull and fatigue. Actually you would not be able to feel better at all. Make sure a long and continuous sleep for 6 or 7 hours depends on age. A better sleep gives a long time to your eyes to take a rest and a fresher beauty looks on your eyes. So, sleep tight and have a whiter look on your eyes.

Plan for a Balanced Diet:
Let’s plan out a balanced diet. You should keep all kinds of food value in your list. Carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, minerals, good fatty acids, water etc must for daily diet chart.

Don’t take carbohydrate and protein more. Carbohydrate adds you more calories and protein adds more fat. So, both are harmful for your health, because over weight is the main culprit of high blood pressure, heart failure, high blood sugar, diabetes. These ultimately do not support you to enjoy a healthy health.

Plenty of vegetables and fruits adds you vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A is very essential for your eyes sight and green vegetables make your eyes brighter.

Anemia is caused by iron deficiency makes dark circle around the eyes. So, your eyes become dull and sick.

Use Miracle Eyes Cream:
Use quality eyes cream around your eyes after washing your face and before doing makeup. It protects you from sunburn and free from dirt. You should not use the sunscreen around the eyes.

Drink Enough Water:
Drink enough water of at least 5 liters daily. Enough water prevents your eyes from being drier and keeps it wet always. It also decreases swelling. You can also add more liquid as you want such milk, sugar free green tea or juice, coconut water and others.

A whiter sclera ensures your brightness of your eyes and gives you a shiny look ever after. Don’t disdain the color change of your eyes, puffiness, black shadow around them and you should go to an eye specialist as soon as possible.