Abdominal fat does not increase by itself; some reasons are behind this also. Your life style can influence on it more. You may eat very often and anything, do not have proper sleep etc behaviors trigger your abdominal fat easily. Researchers found out many reasons behind the abdominal fat, among them 7 major causes are following only for you.

01. Drinking Soft Drinks Regularly:
You cannot control your abdominal fat if you drink soda lime of soft drinks regularly. Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar which adds you extra fat daily. A research shows that, one can of soft drink trigger abdominal fat to be increased quickly.

02. Eating More in Every Time:
It has no need to research that fat must deposit around your abdomen if you take a lot of foods in your every meal. So, you should control over your eating habit. Take more at morning, less in lunch and a little at night. It would keep you fat free.

03. Late Night Eating:
Fat runs to you if you are in habit of late night dinner. You should finish your dinner as early as possible and best choice is to finish within 8 pm.

04. Eating With Inattention, Sorrow, Stress or Mental Pressure:
You may often pass your time with mental stress or depression. Sorrow, emotion cannot relief you for any time and you have to face all works including eating with them. Very sad is that, it triggers your fat to deposit quickly and you may harm yourself unconsciously. Whatever you eat in this time, all will be deposited in your body.

05. Eatting More Foods of Low Calories:
Well, you are in a diet plan and you decide that you would take more foods of low calories whenever you get hungry. What do you think? Would it can able to reduce your fat normally? So, you should not eat more food of low or high calories.

06. Lack of Proper Sleep:
It is obvious that, if you do not get enough sleep daily you would be deposited more fat around your abdomen. One adult should take 7 or 8 hours of proper sleep daily. Your dream of being slim never comes true if you do not get enough sleep.

07. Insufficient Protein:
We take food for several times in a day but do not mention all value always. So, make sure about your food value especially protein. More protein may harm you most but ensure whatever you require.