You are 43 years old and often suffer from a bad experience of joint pain. It’s a very painful experience having pain in any joint of your bones. About 46% of world woman feels joint pain in several times specially after 40. Joint pain causes inflammation and infection. It may increase also osteoarthritis or arthritis. Your cartilage, ligaments and muscle’s tissue would be affected.

You are in your menopause period and your hormone becomes imbalanced. It creates many problems all over your body. Hormone imbalance or fluctuation creates more pain to your joint of bone. Here thereby some information for you so you can know about the causes, effects and treatment of joint pain.

Types of Join Pain: You may feel a bad pain in several parts in your body. But some joint is more potential to be effected. Check it out, where you feel pain in your body.

• Ball and Socket Joints
• Hinge Joints
• Condyloid Joints
• Pivot Joints
• Saddle Joints
• Gliding Joints

Symptoms of Joint Pain: Some symptoms help you find out your joint pain. Be careful if you suffer from these randomly and take necessary prevention

• Stiffness
• Swelling
• Fever
• Pain

Causes of Joint Pain: Fluctuations or imbalanced in hormone level is the main cause of joint pain. As you get more age you are prone to a bad joint pain.

01. Laptop Case: Your forearm and elbow, back and shoulder get affected with pain if you hang your laptop on your shoulder for a long time

02. Strong Smells: A strong smell seriously hampers your migraine. If you have migraine problem, try to avoid a strong smell. It causes pain while breathing.

03. Bad Sleeping Habit: If you are a good intimate to your bed try to avoid some bad sleeping habits. Put your hand on your hear or under your body may cause a serious shoulder pain to next morning.

04. Drinks: You are getting more aged. Hardly try to avoid any kind of drinks related to addiction. Red wine, whiskey, beer, champagne and alcohol are the key for a bad joint pain.

05. Plenty of Sugar: Check your food menu if it either full with sugar or not. High sugar may cause the bad headache and elbow joint.

06. Office or Workplace: You have to sit on a chair for more than 8 hours in a day and your rolling chair is main culprit for your back pain. And sitting on a monitor for a long time also cause the neck pain.

07. Weather Condition: Weather change influences much on your body. Temperature, Moisture, atmosphere etc are the main factor of seasonal headache and migraine.

08. Long Time Stress: Stress and tension for a long time are very harmful for your joint pain and whole body. It hampers your hormone level and breaks down your muscles tissue that creates pain.

09. Driving: Long time driving triggers you to have a joint pain. If your seat is in a wrong position your head goes away and causes neck pain Active.

• Some Metabolic Disorders are also responsible for a joint pain
• Inflammation of the joint, heredity, overweight is also responsible for joint pain

Meet the Doctor: Meet the doctor as soon as possible in the early stage. You need immediate treatment if you experience following-

• A bad chest pain.
• You cannot move your any affected part of body.
• A severe weakness and headache.
• When pain shifts from one another.