About 80% of total nation eats edible insects worldwide. More than 1000 insects are eaten by the world people who are seeking a different taste or an alternative to general source of protein. The most popular edible insects are Termite Locust, Jumiles, June bug, Mopane worm, Mealworm, Pill-bug, Sago grubs, Scorpion, Tarantula etc. Insects are the best alternative to protein if you want to reduce the harvesting of cow, goat, pigs or sheep. Harvesting of these animals is responsible for 20% of green house effect which increasing the global warming rate .

In the year 2014, you have a vast population of 7.1 billion. And after less than 30 years this number will be raised at 9 billion and in the case of meat crisis, people are no longer can depend on our traditional sources. Twenty years ago one people eat 20kg of meat on an average and it will be 80 kg within 20 years. If this rate is continued, we will think about another world. This is the time to think about alternative. We have to find out new sources for sufficient protein. Insects are the best alternatives in this purpose. Because some edible insects has enough protein which can fulfill the human requirements.

Maximum insects are a vast amount of protein if you can recognize them well. Here is a chart showing the amount of protein per insects.

You may get a better protein from the insects rather than chicken. A piece of 3 ounce of a chicken contains about 10 gm of protein which earns about 115 calories. A handful of your favorable insects would be the better alternatives rather take the chicken.

Randomly eating edible insects are not popular in the 1st world. In some developing countries of South America, eastern Asia, middle and east Africa and in a small portion of Central America insects are eaten occasionally and somewhere eaten for the alternatives. Coastal people and the indigenous people usually eat insects. In some cultural festivals insects are served as the special item.

All insects are not edible. Some are dangerous to eat. Make sure either it edible or not by the concerned authority or lab. USDA does not serve insects as the food legally because they do not have the legislation policy to serve.