Maximum are more conscious about their overweight but you can also find some people who are always try to increase their weight. But people do wrong often, when they are in hurry to increase their weight. Taking wrong food and in a wrong way would be very harmful to your health, you may also lose your weight also. so, you have to know about essential foods which really boost your weight. Here I list out of 20 essential foods for your better growth.

It is not enough to eat only junk or fast food with high calories. You have to choose both nutritive and energetic foods. Here a list for 20 energetic and nutritive foods this would ensure your proper nutrition.

Peanut butter: A tablespoon of peanut butter with your bread supplies 192 calories. So, take it every morning.

An Egg: An egg is full with protein and 3 types of vitamins. It contains vitamin A, D & E and plenty of cholesterol. So, let’s start your day with an egg

Nut and Honey: Keep nut and honey in your breakfast daily. It adds you more than 500 calories every day. Foods with honey and nut provide you an extra flavor.

Butter: Butter helps to increase your weight permanently. But do not take more, because having a too many butter every day becomes very harmful for your heart.

Loaf: Loaf contains lots of extra calories and cholesterol.

Corn Bread: You can eat corn bread in morning and afternoon also. Corn contains high amount of carbohydrate. You can take it with soup also.

Cheese: One single spoon of cheese provides 69 calories. Cheese is made of with milk so, it contains a plenty protein, calcium, fat and cholesterol.

Juice: Juice is the best choice to increase your weight. juice of fruits provides you sugar and vitamin. It ensures your nutrition and energy also.

Pasta and nodules : Pasta and nodules both are made of with food grains and cholesterol, so it is known as healthy foods. You can take them every day but not high in amount.

Shrimp: Shrimp contains plenty of nutrition and essential acids which increase your growth.

Wheat Bread: You can get 69 calories from wheat bread. It increases your weight.

Dry food: You can get calories quickly from the dry foods. It has same calories as green

Maize bread: It also may be suitable for your breakfast. You get fiber and nutrition from it.

Yogurt: Yogurt supplies you 118 calories. It is one of the best fat free food with lots of stamina.

Essential fat and Oil: Add essential fat and oil into your diet chart, but maintain amount. It would fill your lacking of calories. You can use the olive oil in your foods.

Brown Rice: The brown rice provides you a high amount of carbohydrate and fiber for your growth.

Banana: One single banana contains 100 calories. it not only holds calories but also increases your stamina.

Nuts and Seeds: You can eat nuts and seeds also for your better growth of health. They contain polyunsaturated fat which influences much on your healthy growth.

Beans: Beans are the best source of protein of vegetarian. So, you can use it as animal protein.

Potatoes: Carbohydrate and complex sugar are found in potatoes. You can daily eat potatoes in your vegetables or foods daily and increase your growth.