Usually females are attractive to men but not all of them could attract. Why? If you think that men will gaze at you –as you are an opposite gender, it is entirely a misconception. Usually males do not look at women and at times they lose attraction to that particular woman instantly for some facts. It happens for some physical reasons. It may happen. We all are human being, we are not perfect, we have flaws, and we have qualities. We are the combination of good and bad features. But at times, the flaws could be devastating and could also result in the breakup of a relationship.

Look is a very important issue for female to males. Usually men run after women for their looks. So, whether you are fating to a man or set to marry him, be careful about the issues and try to avoid them for your personality and magnificent look.

Here are the top 10 tips to attract your man more than ever.

Tips # 1 Be Feminine:
Females are supposed to submissive. If they act like men, it creates a troublesome situation and males usually avoid such types of woman who want to act like a male person despite being a female. So, to attract your man, be submissive and never shout at them whatever the reason is rather try to solve peacefully.

Tips # 2 Cleanliness:
Men usually avoid sluts. Keeping sharp and large nails, jumbled hair etc. are the irritating things for men. So, if you want to attract your man and receive more attention from him, be clean. Use manicure and pedicure regularly and keep your hair organized.

Tips # 3 Regular Bathing:
If a man could realize that the woman he is dating does not take bath regularly, he takes the U turn from her. So, you should take regular baths and it is a must in every day possibly twice in a day. Or if you do not take the bath, certainly you are to lose the man, sooner or later.

Tips # 4 Get the Right Attire:
Although people prefer to gaze at the cloth-less women on outside, they want their other halves or partners should wear the right dress. They hate such short clothing for their own women. So, do not put on short clothes before your man or while attending any occasion or events as it will displease him much.

Tips # 5 Avoid Excessive Makeup:
Applying excessive make ups on face usually distorts the face and brings an ugly look. Men are against the view of changing your body complexion using make ups. So, try to keep your make up level at minimum. Avoid using colorful lipstick. Rather try to be simple in your make up as simplicity is the best art.

Tips # 6 Neck Marks:
Usually men want their women to be a perfect one regarding physical beauty and if they find that the woman has some visible marks on around her neck or gullet, he tries to avoid her. So, if you have such scars on your neck or throat, take immediate attempts to remove them. It is not a rocket science to remove the marks.

Tips # 7 Get a Nice Look:
It does not matter to a man whether you are black or white or slim or fatty. The important fact is your look. They usually do not care about your complexion or health. If you look beautiful and tame, certainly you will get more attention you ever imagined.

Tips # 8 Avoid Tattoos:
Usually civilized men, do not prefer tattoos on their women’s body. Women are tending to add tattoos on their sensitive spots which are too much irritating for their men. So, avoid piercing your body or drawing tattoos on your body.

Tips # 9 Remove Odors:
The stench from the women is very repulsive for their men. Usually the sweat smell, cigarette odor etc. are the key elements that makes a distance between the two. So, always try to be fresh and in cases you can use perfumes or sprays to remove the odors. The fragrances will charm your man.

Tips # 10 Avoid Slangs:
Though men are accustomed to use slangs amid them, it is intolerable for them to hear such statements from their opposite gender. Besides, they do not prefer indecent attitudes from their counterpart. So, if you have such ‘features’ in you, amend yourself without delay.