Top 10 Home Remedies To Prevent Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Period or menstruation is a natural process for women. It is the essential symptom for women and begins from the puberty and stops at the menopause. It helps to discharge the toxic elements from the female body in the form of blood. Usually it happens once in a month and there is a menstrual cycle that happens naturally. But at times there are different disorders and trouble regarding the period. For some women, it is the name of a panic, and some other treats this as a disaster.

Why such trouble accompanies with the period as it is a natural one? There are some causes behind the issue. Usually the period lasts no longer than seven days. The event of excessive bleeding is termed as ‘menorrhagia’ in medical science. When the bleeding is heavy, the woman is to change her pad frequently (by the interval of two to three hours) and lasts for seven days too and in some exceptional cases, it last longer than seven days.

Signs of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding:

  • It is soaking more than one pads or tampons every hour.
  • Control the menstrual bleeding by using double sanitary protection.
  • Suddenly wake up at night to change the sanitary pad.
  • Bleeding continues for more than one week.
  • Women are feeling tired and sick during the menstrual periods.
  • Blood clots passing in that time much larger than normal.
  • Feeling restricts to do normal daily activities.
  • Anemia may cause due to high menstrual bleeding.
  • She was having a breathing problem.

What Are the Causes of Menorrhagia (Heavy Menstrual Bleeding)?

Several Different Conditions Can cause menorrhagia:

  • Adenomyosis:When the uterus lining breaks down, it locates along with the uterus muscular wall, making pain. As a result, it is causing heavy periods.
  • Hormonal imbalance:Alteration of estrogen and progesterone hormone causes heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Endometrial polyp:Endometrial polyp is a non-cancerous growth, which is attaching with the inner lining uterus.
  • Fibroid:Fibroid is found in the inside part of the uterus, and it is a non-cancerous growth. It also may present within the uterus wall and the outer part of the uterine wall.
  • Endometritis:Endometritis is formed for an infection in the uterus lining and causing heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Pregnancy problems: Miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, and some other pregnancy problems cause the menorrhagia.
  • IUD use: IUD is also causing heavy periods or menorrhagia.
  • Bleeding disorders:Bleeding disorder is a common problem for women and causes heavy menstrual periods.
  • Cancer:Uterine cancer may affect the periodical cycle and may cause heavy bleeding.
  • Unknown:Due to some unknown factors, women face menorrhagia, such as for some women, it starts after childbirth.It is not due to hormonal change; it may cause worsen and subsequent pregnancies.

The heavy bleeding is accompanied with severe pain on the lower abdomen, vomiting, clot, respiratory problem, headache, weakness and short temper. These are the common problems that all the women having periods are to experience. Women with excessive weight and who use some pulls also are to face the problem. Sometimes, it happens genetically.

Here are Top 10 Home and Natural Remedies Can Help for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding:

Apple Cedar Vinegar:
Apple-Cedar vinegar is one of the essential natural elements to prevent the excessive bleeding. It works like a tonic on human body. The vinegar helps to emit the toxins from the body and adjusts the hormonal imbalance. Besides, the apple cedar vinegar is also helpful to prevent abdominal pain, headache, tiredness and irritations. If you suffer the excessive bleeding, mix ½ spoon vinegar on water and drink that. For a better result, take the drink thrice in a day.

Red Peeper Ground:
The ground red pepper is another natural cure for the excessive bleeding. Usually the red pepper controls the blood circulation on the human body and by the same time prevents hormonal imbalance. It is also useful in preventing the side effects of excessive bleeding. Make a drink using the red pepper during our period days. Add ½ tea spoon red pepper on a glass of water and add some honey too on the glass. Drink the combo and continue it for at least twice in a day.

Iron-Rich Foods:
Iron is another important mineral for women to prevent their excessive bleeding. Lacking of iron on the female body is the greatest cause for excessive bleeding and at times it cause anemia. Increase the intake of iron-rich foods like green vegetables, beans, pumpkin seeds, yellow portion of eggs, red meats and other foods containing iron. Moreover, you can take iron pills after consultation with your doctor.

Ground Cinnamon:
The ground cinnamon is highly helpful to prevent your excessive bleeding. But do not chew it rather drink with water. Take glass of warm water and add a spoon of ground cinnamon. Add some honey on the water and drink it twice a day. It will help you get rid of the problem.

Lemon- Pineapple Juice:
Juice prepared with the combo of pineapples and lemons is another natural remedy for excessive bleeding. You can drink the juice until the bleeding stops. The result is astonishing. It is also helpful to prevent anemia.


When you feel excess bleeding for a few days,it may turn to get the blood volume low. We need to drink 4 to 6 cups of extra water from the daily routine, to minimize the lacking. It is better to drink or take an electrolytic solution, such as a salty diet or Gatorade, which is maintaining the extra fluid drinking.

Eat vitamin C-rich foods:

Vitamin C helps absorb iron, which is very much needed during heavy menstrual bleeding to fight against anemia. You can take Vitamin C containing foods like grapes, oranges, broccoli, kiwis, Brussels sprouts, tomato juice, red or green peppers, etc. You can pick up any item according to your budget.

Maintaining a healthy weight:

Maintain a healthy weight and body fitness, because overweight and losing weight both are affecting periodical circle. Overweight women face irregular periods, heavy bleeding, pain, etc. because of fat cell impacts on insulin or hormones. So, maintain a healthy weight, you can follow a diet chart also from your doctor.

Take Exercise regularly:

Take regular exercise to get healthy body fitness as well as weight. Regular exercise may treat dysmenorrhea and reduce pain during the menstrual period.

Taking a nice hot bath:

During the menstrual period, try to take a nice hot bath, which may lessen the pain and break down the clogged blood. It gives you refreshments and removes the bacteria. In periodical time, always keep clean and fresh and keep your mind relaxing.

How Supplements Can Help:

Minimize the menstrual period loss, and some food needs to take as supplementary. These foods are acting as the replenishment of every month’s loss. It is suggested you discuss with the doctor for taking supplementary food to avoid any risk.

Potential supplements include:

  • Vitamin C.: Vitamin C can absorb iron, which helps to prevent iron lacking. On the other hand, it also reduces heavy bleeding.
  • Iron: Iron deficiency isanother reason for heavy menstrual bleeding; if you can’t fulfill the requirement through food, you must take as supplementary.
  • Blackstrap molasses: Blackstrap molasses is an iron-rich food product; it also works as calcium, selenium, and magnesium supplementary.

Besides, hormonal imbalance on the female body, tumors on uterus, polyps, abortion, side effects of birth controlling pills etc. also may result in heavy bleeding. It may also happen if the female is suffering from pelvic inflammatory or adenomyosis of if she is suffering from lack of iron on her body or anemia.

Usually the excessive bleeding hampers the regular activities of a woman and she turns down mentally. At times she turns frustrated. So, it should be treated effectively and consultation with a gynecologist is a must in this case. But there are some home remedies too for the problem. Here are few home solutions for the excessive bleeding.

Other Tips and Tricks:

  • Using a menstrual cup: Menstrual cup is the new one to use during the menstrual period, which is safer for the environment and relaxable. It can hold more bleeding than any other pads or tampon and has less leakage possibility.
  • Wearing period panties: Wearing period panties are more comfortable than others, and its manufacturing design as like to prevent leakage. It would help you to hold excess menstrual bleeding.
  • Using a heating pad: Using a heating pad in the menstrual period is not lightening heavy flow, but it would relieve the menstrual pain.


Q. What are the signs of menorrhagia?

Answer: Some specific signs or symptoms may concern your heavy bleeding problem or menorrhagia. Such as passes bigger blood clots than normal, a long-lasting periodical day for more than one week, changes pads or tampons rapidly, feeling tiredness, fatigue, etc. are the signs of menorrhagia.

Q. When you need to go to the doctor?

Answer: When you notice that your heavy menstrual bleeding may continue for more than one or two months, you have to go to your doctor. If you do not go to the doctor, it mays causes anemia and makes cause serious issues.

Q. Can menorrhagia cause infertility?

Answer: Yes, menorrhagia may cause infertility because due tothe hormonal imbalance, fibroids or polyps make difficulty for some women.

Q. Mention some home or natural remedies for the menorrhagia?

Answer: Make your diet and a healthy lifestyle to get rid of menorrhagia. Take iron and vitamin-rich food, hydrate, take some regular exercise, use hot water for shaking or take a hot bath, etc.

Q. Does iron or iron supplement is necessary for the menorrhagia?

Answer: Yes, iron-rich food or iron supplementary is very much helpful in meeting up the gap. Due to blood losses, the body gets weak in the menstrual period, and supplementary iron fights against it.