You are always looking for a good brand for your skin and searching for here for better food for skin. But don’t conscious about the foods that eats you randomly and losing your glory of skin. It is essential to know the worsen food for your health beside good foods. You have to kick out some of your favorite items such as peanut butter, sushi, pizza, potato chips, ice cream, soda etc, that you may eat often with your friends. Don’t mind please. If you have enjoy a healthy skin you have to avoid these worst foods for your healthy skin.

Breads: We take breads for snacks in breakfast or afternoon generally. Ok. Think so, you are losing your skin’s beauty in every breakfast and afternoon with this.

• Breads contain glycemic index and it increase glucose and insulin in your body.
• Some sugar is also found in bread
• Breads trigger to acne mainly

High Sugar: Less people can be found who are not found of sugar. Well, it not bad. But, be careful about high sugar. A body with high sugar is a breeding place for many kinds of germs and it worsens your skin also badly.

• Sugar damages your immune system and increases wrinkles
• It damages collagen and elastin which loosens your skin.
• Sugar also causes skin cancer also
• It makes your body weak, so that your body loses ability to fight germs and bacteria. As much their number increases, they give your body more toxin that ultimately turns you to get a poor skin
• A high sugar creates a suitable bed for bacteria and other germs
• Sugar causes redness and inflammation on your skin
• It may also disturb your digestions system also

Addiction to Alcohol: Addiction to any chemical is not good for your health. Alcohol may give you a temporary satisfaction but destroy yourself internally.

• Alcohol dehydrates you, so that your body as well as skin does not get enough water so it becomes dry alcohol influences on your metabolism
• Vasodilatation may be occurred due to long time addiction
• Alcohol reduces your skin’s moisture so your fine lines and wrinkles may appear most

Red Meat: Red meat contains a lot of protein and it makes your body fatty. Extra fat makes different kind of skin and other problem. Your skin would be breaks up due to high amount of fat

Supplements of Poor Quality: Some people take supplements without doctor’s prescription. It is too bad for your body and skin. You may hear from someone that if you take supplement daily your skin becomes beautiful. It is Wrong information for you. This would be imbalanced your hormone level and creates more skin problems

Shellfish: Different kinds of shellfish such as lobster, shrimp, crab etc are rich in iodine. Shellfish creates pores and acne. If you want you can take them once or twice in a month.

Milk and Dairy: There is a little connection between acne and milk with fat. Bioavailable hormones found in milk cannot consume fat contains in milk. This fat triggers to sebum gland. Yogurt, ice cream and cheese are also included here.

Bad Habit with Caffeine: You like to take coffee after 2 or 3 hours when working. You may think that it makes you relaxed so you would be worked for a long time. Good, but take care of your skin also. Yes, you are getting older day by day. Control your caffeine.

• Caffeine causes lack of water in your body, so your skin turns to dry up and dead cell increases
• Production of cortisol would be increased that worsen your skin also
• It also increases your skin elasticity
• Fried Food
• Any kind of fried food contains lots of oil which triggers to increase sebum gland. Sebum is the main culprit of acne
• Processed or Inorganic Food
• These kinds of foods are always bad for your health and for your skin. They contain lots of sugar and oil also

Artificial Color and Sweets: Artificial Color and Sweets on foods are very harmful for your health as well as your skin.

• It increases allergies and redness in your skin
• Histamine reaction is also occurred due to artificial color
• Such chemicals damage your tissue

Salt and Salty Snakes: Iodine is an enemy of your skin. We get enough salt from natural food. Don’t take extra amount of salt.

• Salt bloats your skin.
• A high amount of sodium also makes your skin unhealthy
• Salty snacks also increase the amount of salt into your body
• Around of your eyes would puff due to high amount of salt

Just list out these foods and get them out from your food menu. Take healthy and nutritive food daily and avoid these worst foods for a healthy skin.