A woman is different from a man not only physically, mentally or biologically but also for their nutrition demand. And that’s why a woman has to eat foods more consciously than a man generally. Be careful about your daily diet plan so that any essential element should not be missed. Here I am going to remind you 10 healthy foods for woman for their daily diet plan.

Milk is an ideal food. Milk comes first, if you think about any nutritive drinks. Although, milk is very essential drinks for all, it is very important for woman health.

Milk contains plenty of calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and potassium. In summary, except iron and vitamin C, all kinds of nutritive elements can be found in milk. It helps to increase your beauty, hold your beauty for long time, strengthen your bone and teeth, and decrease your weight. The necessity of milk did not yet finish. You know that, it also reduces the risk of cancer, specially the breast and colon cancer of woman.

Cranberry, strawberry, ramp berry, blue berry, black berry contain the preventive elements of cancer. They regulate the activities of cell and tissues perfectly and repair them. Such kinds of foods reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer which are very common now this time. The juice of cranberry reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

03.Unrefined Grain:
Increase your digestive power. Maximum woman suffers from indigestion, so they have to eat more unrefined grain. Such grain reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer also. The fiber, which is the core element of these foods are mainly found in otmil, wheat bread, wheat pasta, and brown rice etc

04.Folic Acids:
Although, folic acid is must for all, but is very essential for woman especially for a pregnant woman. Specialists said that, to keep your heart healthy and risk free, folic acid is must. You can find folic acids in cabbage, spinach, orange juice and others nutritive grains

05. Walnut:
Walnut contains a high amount of saturated fat (useful fat for body) and a little amount of cholesterol. Such kinds of foods can reduce the risk of heart in maximum case.

06. Green Vegetables:
Green foods are called super foods as it holds more healthy elements. You can be found more fiber, polifenol (increase the antioxidant), vitamin B, vitamin A and vitamin C from cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, Lettuce. Such kinds of foods are renamed as super foods.

07. Vitamin C based Fruits:
You can find vitamin C in strawberry, guava, papaya, tomatoes, banana, apple and lemon or orange. Not only vitamin C, but can you also find them with others essential elements. These foods are rich in antioxidant which reduces the risk of heart failure. You can fix at least 75 milligram of vitamin C for daily diet plan.

08. Iron Based Fruits:
There are no alternatives of iron if you want to control your rate of hemoglobin. Iron helps your muscles buildings and keeps the activities of your brain normal. Iron supplies oxygen to blood cells. The lacking of blood or anemia is very common in woman due to iron deficiency during their period.

Iron is found in red meat, yolk, bean( soya and Lentil), dark green vegetables, cabbage, chicken, liver, sea-foods(fish, mussel & Shrimp),, dry foods .12 or 15 milligram of iron is needed for a woman and 10 or 12 milligram of iron is needed for a man daily.

09. Calcium:
Calcium is very important for human health. It keeps your bone and teeth fit and strong. Enough calcium prevents you from oustioporosis, a kind of metabolism of bone which decreases the density and energy of bone. It also decreases the risk of bladder Cancer and overweight. You can find calcium in milk, yoghurt, cheese, egg, fish, soya bean, bean, cauliflower, spinach and others vegetables.

10. Water:
Our body consists of 75% of water and 25% of solids. Water is very important element for our metabolism. Water supplies energy and takes toxin elements and waste materials away from body. It also keeps our skin healthy and bright. You should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, it helps to increase your digesting power and decrease the overweight also. So, there are no alternatives of healthy foods if you want a disease free healthy body.