The external looking reveals our outward beauty. So, we have to take care of ourselves. We are already well known about hundreds of beauty tips. Do that for your shiny skin, do that for a glorious skin and bla bla. No, don’t be bore. You should be careful about your skin. A good and fresh looking may express your internal beauty to others. No need to say something about yourself, he/she would able to be understand after observing your outlook. But if you do not care yourself, your skin may get older day by day. Perhaps, you may not notice that, you are in a bad food habit, but it kills your goriness. So, within a very few time you are going to have some unpleasant fine lines, dark spot, dark circle around the eyes, dry cell and so on. Yes, you have some such foods in your food menu which are just like an enemy for your skin. So, let’s see a list of foods that that make your skin ugly day by day

Fast Food:
You may know that, fast food deposits fat in our body easily, so you get extra fat easily. So, fast food is also a opponent of your lustrous skin.

Fast food reduces the amount of water in our body. So, it makes your skin day and rough. You may experience a cracked and other skin problem.

Salt is a very vital ingredient for our health. We cannot enjoy our cooked food without it, usually. But this element harms you most daily. Many have a bad habit to eat extra salt in his/her meal. Don’t do that. Extra salt increases the amount of fluid in your body. It loses your skin very early. So, stop eating chips, salted food, and extra salt

Extra tea and coffee:
Many take tea or coffee as a refreshing drink normally. 2 cup of tea or coffee in a day is good for health. But more than it, is dangerous for health. Your skin gets older quickly due to drink more tea or coffee and also triggers to have more fine lines on the face. So, try to maintain the limit and don’t take more than 2 cup of tea or coffee in a day.

Soft Drinks:
Soft drinks and energy drinks both are very harmful for your health. Such kinds of drinks contain a high amount of sugar and carbon-di-oxide, which enhances the sugar level in our body. So, you may experience acne and other skin problem

Red Meat:
You all love to eat red meat generally for its yummy test. But it is very dangerous for our health and skin also. You body gets an extra free-radical from this and you may get a great chance to have skin cancer. So, please try to avoid red meat

Canned and Flavored Foods:
Very often we depend on canned or flavored food to save our time. But, it harms your skin ultimately. Different kinds of color, preservatives, flavor etc are used in such foods. These chemicals can reach you to get skin cancer. So, keep away from such foods always.