Brightest Eye

Your eyes reflect your health and mind. A good white color eyes ensures a good health as well as a fresh mind. Eyes speak more without sound and express your beauty of mind. So, keep it bright always. Bright sight and sparkle of eyes are determined by your food habit. Foods with high vitamins and minerals are good for your healthy sight. A rainbow like colorful vegetables and fruits add your body more vitamin good for eyes and iron protects you from dark circle and anemia, water makes it wet and all food values ensure your overall eyes care. So, you should ensure these foods for your brightest eyes.

Ensure White:
White includes bananas, onions, turnip, egg, mushrooms, garlic, salmon and tuna fish.

Whole Grains:
White color whole grains include antioxidant like epigallocatechin gallate found in green tea and secoisolariciresinol diglycoside can be found in seeds. All kind of antioxidants protect your eyes from infections.

Salmon and Tuna Fish:
Salmon and Tuna fish contains DHA and EPA acids which pretoct your eyes form many diseases. Syndrome related to dryness and muscular disorder are caused due to lacking of DHA and EPA acids. As retina is made of DHA, these types of fish are very important for your eyes.

Eat Green, Be Green:
Green pigment prevents eye muscular problems, AMD, retinal infection, glaucoma etc and increases brightness. Free radicals are very harmful for your health including eyes and antioxidant found in green vegetables kills these radicals. Green also includes zeaxanthin, vitamin A, C & K, lutein, zinc, beta-carotine, calcium also. Cabbage, broccoli, leafy greens, green peppers, cucumbers are the rich source of green pigment.

Stay With Yellow:
The main sources of yellowish color are lemons, apricots, mangoes, oranges, pears, carrot, pumpkin etc. You should not boil them properly, it kills the food values. Beta-cryptoxanthin, vitamin A, carotenoid, vitamin C, folate etec elements are found in yellow and orange color foods. Cataract, AMD and other muscular retina problems would be prevented with yellow foods.

Live in Red:
Some powerful antioxidants such as hesperidin, lycopene, quercetin, ellagic acid, anthocyanins, vitamin C etc helps to sparkle your eyes by fighting against the germs. Tomatoes are the best source of red foods. Papayas, gac, apples, red grapes, beetroots, strawberries, red wine & onions and water melons are also a good source of red collection. These have carotenoid & phytochemical pigments called lycopene is a well protector of your eyes muscles

Also Include Blue:
Also add blue color foods. Blue and purple color supply you a number of essential elements such as proanthocyanidins, resveratrol, quercetin, flavanoids, luteins, anthocyanins, ellagic acid, zeaxanthin and vitamin C and so on. These elements protect cataract and oxidative stress of your eyes.

The popular sources of blue and purple color foods are mainly purple grapes, plums, dried prunes, or cranberries, eggplants, blackberries, raisins and purple cabbage, blueberries etc.

Here a list of some best choices of eye friendly foods:

  • Leafy vegetable: Vitamin C, protects cataract
  • Broccoli: Beta-carotene
  • Carrots: Vitamin A,
  • Apricots: Beta-carotene
  • Nuts: Vitamin E and zinc
  • Sardines: Vitamin E and zinc
  • Citrus fruits: Beta-carotene
  • Brussel sprouts: lutein
  • Squash: Beta-carotene
  • Almonds: Magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B2
  • Apples: Antioxidants, quercitin and rutin
  • Chicken: Minerals, selenium, zinc.
  • Corn: lutein
  • Spinach: lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin C
  • Mangoes: vitamin A and vitamin E

Eyes are your precious gift of God. Don’t be careless about your eyes and take a proper care of them. Ensure a healthy routine including exercise, better sleep, enough drinking and foods for your brightest eyes.