When men go for first date, each of their steps is like they are walking to gallows. The feelings are inexpressible and most of the men are nervous on the day. Thus, their performance declines and they lose the battle. Impression is the most important thing that makes or destroys a relationship.

Since this is the first meeting with your girl friend, you need to be bold enough to impress her on the first day. Do not show any desperation to meet her or do not get nervous during the meet. You can make the date a perfect one if you take the right preparation. Be a man. Behave like a man. Avoid mistakes. At the end of the date, she will be yours for your bold moves and manly attitudes and will agree for the second date. Or you are to look someone else from the next day.

Here are the best 10 ways to follow before you go to meet your date for the very first time:

Do Not Get Late:
If you plan for the date, it is very important to be on the date venue on time, and it is better to reach there even before the planned time. Punctuality is a special quality and if you can maintain that surely you will be the successful one on the day. Possibly, stand before the venue entrance with a bunch of flowers in your hand to impress her.

Express Yourself:
Although you may be a talkative one amid your familiar surroundings but it may happen that you fail to utter words before the lady for nervousness. Try to avoid the nervousness and express yourself. Express your likes and dislikes, favorite foods and hobbies and what you do on your leisure. Let her know about your family and more. But let her speak by the same time. Keeping silence is the best way to miss the second date. Do you want that?

Limited Touch:
Many of the men are on the view that having a physical contact is the best thing to get a positive impact or to make her feel special, it’s true, but not on the first date. If you touch or hold her hands during talks or lower back during a walk, it may not convey a positive image of you to her rather she may think to discard you only for your mistake. If you are to touch her, be careful that if you have to hold her that should be warm and friendly with gentle care. There should be no sexual intentions as women have a sense to differentiate between the gaze and touch.

Be Liberal:
If you are economical in your personal life, you do not need to show the quality (!) on the date day before your date. It is embarrassing to ask for food prices at the restaurants or do not express your emotions without pre thinking. If you want to save money- literally, take your date to the place which is affordable for you to avoid such embarrassment.

Let her Speak:
Usually men are dominating. They want to dominate over their other half and thus they are rarely offered chances to speak out. This is truly a worst manner and a disgrace for the males. They should treat their other half equally. On the first date day, do not behave like the morons that you are only interested in talking for yourself alone. Listen to her and let her say her feelings.

Make Fun:
Do not try to represent yourself as a dumb. Make some fun with her. It is better to avoid heavy talks and past events. Just both of you try to have fun as long as you are on the date. It is the time to know each other well through funny talks and events. Possibly try to attend on a dance or go for a theatre together.

Mind Your Tongue:
If you are used to with slangs and non formals languages, do not show them off on the date. It will have a devastating impact on the lady you are with. It will ruin your future dates too. So, behave gently and avoid using non formal words on the very day.

Take The Right Look:
Looks depend on physical structure. So, it does not matter whether you are tall or short, black or white; get the look that fits in you. Put on clothes that fit you. Be attentive to your hair, nails, and shoes if they are on proper size and manner. Behave gently with her on the date day so that she does not get any pitfall on you.

Avoid Excess Acts:
At times people do some acts more than the expectation which may cause havoc and ruin the date. So, control emotions and express them properly. Do not show much enthusiasm if she turns your dream-girls or show ignorance is she is unable to meet your criterion.

Nice Compliments:
You can end each of her statements with a nice compliment. But be careful lest she feels you are flattering with her. The compliments will make her feel special to you. But the compliments should be appropriate and excluded with negative words.