Escape Room 2

Escape Room 2 is a sequel to the psychological horror film Escape Room. Escape Room was a big hit at the box office in 2019. This film is directed by Adam Robitel. Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik are the writers of this upcoming American film. Neal H. Moritz, Ori Marmur are producing this film under the banner of Columbia Pictures and Original Film. Sony Pictures Releasing will be distributing Escape Room 2. In February 2019 Sony Pictures confirmed that Escape Room 2 is its direction to shoot with the director Adam Robitel and the scriptwriter Bragi F. Schut.

The first film arrived in cinemas on January 4, 2019. The second film was about to release on April 17, 2020, in the United States of America, 15 months after the first film. But after so many delays, Escape Room 2 is finally scheduled to release on January 1, 2021, in America. This film will hit the big screen on January 29, 2021, in the United Kingdom.

Synopsis of Escape Room 2 (2021):

The plot of the film Escape Room 2 is still under the cover. But we can predict that this film will show us what happens next to Zoey and Ben. Because Zoey and Ben are the only survivors who made it out alive. The first movie ended keeping a lot of questions about the creepy game and its puzzle master. So, we can hope that Escape Room 2 will answer them. This film will also reveal more about the puzzle master of the game. Not many stars are coming back in this sequel as Escape Room did not keep too many characters alive. Taylor Russell and Logan Miller are coming back to reprise their role as Zoey and Ben. Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan), Holland Roden (Channel Zero), Thomas Cocquerel (Billionaire Boys Club), Indya Moore (Pose), and Carlito Olivero (Bad Samaritan) will be joining them for Escape Room 2.

Story of Escape Room 2 (2021):

Well, Sony has not revealed any information about the plotline of this film. But after watching the end of the first film, we can definitely guess that the second installment will pick up from the end of the first film.

In Escape Room 2 we see 6 players are chosen for a game. These six players are the solo of various incidents like a plane crash and a carbon monoxide leak. There they have to solve puzzles to escape multiple scenarios for a chance to win tons of money. The prize money is 10,000 dollars. There they find a maze of mysterious rooms. To escape these rooms, they need to use their wit and fight against them. But soon they get to know that there is a powerful force who is controlling this deadly game. But not all of them succeed to escape these mysterious rooms. Only two of them make an escape. Ben and Zoey are the only ones who get out alive from the escape room.

Escape Room 2

Ben (Logan Miller), one of the players meets Gamemaster (Yorick van Wageningen) who tries to kill Ben. But luckily Zoey (Taylor Russell) appears and saves Ben. Ben and Zoey get to know from the Gamemaster that some rich people are betting on the game.

Zoey finds out that the newspaper is publishing the death of other participants as an accident. So, Zoey decided to expose the Mino Company and its dirty conspiracy. So, she reunites with Ben and both of them take a flight to go to the headquarters of Minos in New York City. But this time the Gamemaster is planning a new escape room, especially for Zoey and Ben. This time the chance of survival is only 4%. So, Escape Room 2 will show us how they escape this time and how they expose the dirty game of Mino Company.

The Film’s Content Analysis:

Cinematography: Marc Spicer is the cinematographer of Escape Room 2. He also did the cinematography of the first film.

Editing: Steven Mirkovich is editing this film. Escape Room, Con Air, and Big Trouble in Little China are some of his notable works.

Writing: The storyline of Escape Room 2 is written by Bragi F. Schut. Maria Melnik is the screenwriter of this film.

Directing: Adam Robitel is directing the film Escape Room 2. He directed the previous one as well. This American film director, producer, screenwriter, and actor has a special popularity for making some extraordinary horror and thriller films. He is best known for movies like The Taking of Deborah Logan, Insidious: The Last Key and Escape Room.

Acting of Escape Room 2 (2021) Movie:

Taylor Russell as Zoey Davis: Taylor Russel is portraying Zoey Davis, the lead female role in Escape Room. Zoey Davis is a physics student and was one of those six players in the first film. But she somehow made it to the end and coming back to reprise her role in Escape Room 2.

Logan Miller as Ben Miller: Ben Miller was also a participant in Escape Room 2. He is a grocery worker. Only Ben and Zoey were alive in the first film. So, this time we will again see Logan Miller in the role of Ben Miller.

Isabelle Fuhrman, Thomas Cocquerel, Holland Roden, Carlito Olivero, Indya Moore will also join the cast in undisclosed roles.

Music: Brian Tyler, John Carey are scoring Escape Room 2.

Theme: Escape Room 2 is a horror-thriller with a lot of twists. This film has some suggestive materials. Escape Room 2 can show some violence and action scene. The previous film of this franchise got a PG-13 rating. Escape Room 2 may also be rated PG-13.

Where to Watch Escape Room 2 (2021) Movies:

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· Escape Room 2 (2021) Movie Watch on Theatre: You can also watch Escape Room 2 (2021) on your nearby Cineplex and Blockbuster.

In 2019, Escape Room earned a lot of attention. Though it got very mixed reviews for showing fewer horror efforts as it has been rated PG-13. People wanted to see more violent savagery. But still, it made $120 million worldwide with a budget of $9 million. It is just now a matter of time to see how well its much-anticipated sequel is going to hit the big screen.