Engagement Gift Ideas

Marriage is the universal rule and engagement is the doorstep of marriage. Marriage is the unification of two souls. It also connects two families too. Engagement is the formal familial event to declare about the upcoming marriage, date and blessing by the senior members of the family to the couple getting married. Traditionally, the man (bridegroom) offers a ring to his woman (bride) and by accepting the ring they two get engaged to each other.

Usually the ceremony is held at the residence of the bride (to be) and the bridegroom (to be) appears there with his other family members including parents, intimate relative and in some cases friends are allowed to attend. Since, it is a formal occasion for both the families to know each other, exchanging small and attractive gifts help to build a positive image for both the parties.

Here are some exclusive ideas to offer as gifts from both the bride and bridegroom sides. The ideas are best, attractive and budget friendly too. You can get the stuffs from your nearby stores or markets. It will save your time as well as on the engagement day people usually remain highly busy to manage everything and entertain the guests or being entertained.

Personalized Hanger:
Hanger is an important tool for both the bride and the bridegroom to keep their clothes until they get ready for the marriage ceremony. There are numerous types of hangers are available and you can also personalize them after your needs. You can make it large or suitable to place any specific attire including the bridal gown or the bridegroom’s wedding suit. Even, the hangers are useable even after the marriage to hold the gown and suits on the wardrobe.

Personalized Locket or Key Chain:
Lockets and key chains are the most used elements in our daily life. It is also a wonderful gift for the engagement. You can place two still images of the bride and the bridegroom on the locket, or any custom message on the key chain. Since they are frequently used item, they surely will remind the users about your affection to them.

Custom Made Earrings and Rings:
Earrings and rings are always available but custom made stuffs are unique is shape, style and colour. So, it will be a great surprise for both the bride and bridegroom if you offer them a nice set of ring for the bridegroom and a pair earring to the bride.

Highball Glass Set:
Offering the couple a highball galls set is an excellent idea. The glass is useful for attending the party after the engagement. The glasses usually are marked with his and her, and available everywhere. It will increase the joy for the couple.

Gift Chocolate:
If you lack time to think over the gift ideas, it is the best idea for you to get an engagement gift chocolate. The chocolates are available in various tastes and flavours. Usually the chocolates are made with special ingredients to be used in such occasions.

Wedding Cutleries:
You can offer them a beautiful set of cutleries to the couple to be used on the wedding day lunch or dinner. Usually the wedding cutlery sets are inscribed with Mr. and Mrs. to distinguish the male and female ones. Moreover, the cutleries are useable at home too.

Personalized Ceramic Initials:
This is an excellent idea to offer the initials to the couple made with ceramic. Usually such items are smaller in size and shape but are great home décor tool. Such initials are so attractive that everyone adores them and you can place them at a corner of your living room as the sign of our engagement.

Movie Tickets for the Two:
Offering movie tickets to the couple is also appreciable. It allows them to pass some romantic moments at the theatre. Regarding the ticket collection, be careful about their choice and try to get the ticket of a romantic or comedy type movie that will make them laugh together or make them sad (whatever the emotion is, it will increase the bond between the two.)

Wines are essential beverage on the day of engagement. A large number of quality wines are available in they are cost effective too. You can get one of the wine bottles to the engagement party after your choice and budget. The event will be more enjoyable when everyone will drink the wine during their conversations on the party and remember you for the kind cooperation.

Wedding Photo Album:
To preserve the wedding photos, you can offer a personalized photo album to the couple. It is another important idea that will make the couple happy before and after their marriage.