Death On The Nile (2020)

Kenneth Branagh is coming back with his out of the world mustache and an impressive cast to solve another crime. The name of his new film is Death On The Nile (2020). The film is based on a novel named Death On The Nile by the great Agatha Christie. This film is the sequel to Branagh’s version of Murder On The Orient Express (2017), which was also adapted from Christie’s novel of the same name. It will be the third screen adaptation of Christie’s novel.

Death On The Nile (2020) will be showing in UK cinemas from Friday 9th October 2020 and it will be released in the United States on October 23, 2020, by 20th Century Studios.

Death On The Nile (2020) Movie Info:

Initial Release: October 8, 2020 (Russia)
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Story by: Agatha Christie
Producers: Kenneth Branagh, Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg, Mark Gordon, Kevin J. Walsh, Judy Hofflund
Production Companies: Scott Free Productions, TSG Entertainment, Genre Films

The Synopsis of Death On The Nile (2020) Movie:

While on vacation, Detective Hercule Poirot is tasked with finding a murderer of a young heiress aboard a cruise ship on the Nile River. The young heiress’s name is Linnet Ridgeway.

The Story of Death On The Nile (2020) Movie:

This film’s trailer has not been released yet. As the film is based on the novel of the same name by Agatha Christie, we can only know about the story of the novel. But it remains to be seen whether the new film will follow the book completely; as the previous film made a few changes in the script of the main story.

In the book, Poirot is drawn into a murder investigation while enjoying a vacation in Egypt. A socialite, Linnet, approaches him, who wants to prevent her friend Jacqueline from stalking her after she’s married Jacqueline’s fiancée. Poirot politely refuses her offer.

Death On The Nile (2020)

But Poirot has to reconsider the case when Linnet is shot dead on a streamer up the Nile on which he is also a passenger. Poirot begins the investigation considering the fact that all the passengers on the boat are suspects.

Now, at the end of Murder on the Orient Express (2017), Poirot is told of a murder that took place on the Nile. But in the novel “Death On The Nile”, he was already on the boat before and at the time of the first murder. This might refer to a separate murder case, which occurs before the first murder on the boat. We have to wait to see if the screenwriter Michael Green wants to be completely faithful to the book, or he wants to give us some modern twist!

Here is a fact- the books themselves don’t connect to each other like the films. The only similarity between the books is Hercule Poirot solving crime on a transport – just a train has been substituted for a boat!

The Film’s Content Analysis of Death On The Nile (2020):


Haris Zambarloukos is the cinematographer of the film Death On The Nile (2020). He is a Greek Cypriot cinematographer, famous for his work in films such as Venus (2006), Sleuth (2007), Mamma Mia! (2008) and Thor (2011). He was also the cinematographer on the prequel Murder on the Orient Express (2017). The cinematography of Murder on the Orient Express (2017) was highly praised by the critics.

Art Direction:

Andrew Ackland-Snow (senior art director), Steven Lawrence, Katrina Mackay, Dominic Masters (supervising art director), Mike Stallion, Stephen Swain are the art directors of this film.


Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot: This Northern Irish actor, director, producer, and screenwriter is back again with his role as Hercule Poirot – a fictional Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie. Branagh also played this role in the prequel Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Gal Gadot as Linnet Ridgeway-Doyle: This Wonder Woman star is starring as Linnet Ridgeway-Doyle – a rich and successful socialite who falls in love with Simon in this upcoming film. She used-to-be best friend of Jackie de Bellefort who was Simon’s ex-fiance.

Letitia Wright as Rosalie Otterbourne: This Guyanese-British actress is playing the role of Rosalie Otterbourne – daughter of Salome Otterbourne. She is the tritagonist in this film.

Armie Hammer as Simon Doyle: This Call Me By Your Name(2017) star is playing the role of Simon Doyle. Simon Doyle was engaged to Jacqueline de Bellefort until he met Linnet Ridgeway. He broke off his engagement with Jackie to marry Linnet.

Death On The Nile (2020)

Annette Bening as Euphemia: These two Golden Globe Awards winner is playing the role of Euphemia.

Ali Fazal as Andrew Katchadourian: Indian actor and model Ali Fazal is acting as Andrew Katchadourian (presumably based on Andrew Pennington) in this new film.

Sophie Okonedo as Salome Otterbourne: This British film, singer, narrator, theatre and television actress is acting as Salome Otterbourne. Mrs. Otterbourne is an author of romance novels and is the mother of Rosalie Otterbourne.

Tom Bateman as Bouc: Tom Bateman is back again with his role as Bouc- a longstanding friend of the great detective who owned the Orient Express.

Emma Mackey as Jacqueline de Bellefort: This Sex Education star is playing the role of Jacqueline de Bellefort. She is Linnet’s friend and was going to marry Simon but now she’s not.

Dawn French as Mrs. Bowers: Dawn French is acting as Miss. Bowers who works for Miss. Van Schuyler.

Rose Leslie as Louise Bourget: This Game of Thrones star is playing the role of Louise Bourget who is Linnet’s maid.

Jennifer Saunders as Marie Van Schuyler: This English comedian, screenwriter, singer and actress is acting as Marie Van Schuyler who is a very wealthy American socialite according to the book.

Russell Brand as Dr. Bessner: Russell Edward Brand is playing as Dr. Bessner- a doctor on the boat.


Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh, who is also playing the role of the detective Hercule Poirot is the director of this film.“The power and sexiness of lust and love as it runs through the story is very strong. It’s a very dark, very sexy, unsettling kind of film. It certainly delivers on the travel log as it takes you to big and exciting different places, but it’s very uncomfortable in ways people will really understand because it has to do with love, possession, lust, jealousy, big primal emotions that get in people’s way” – says Branagh about this film.


The film Death On The Nile (2020) is based on the 1937 novel of the same name by Agatha Christie.

Music and Soundtrack: 

Two Academy Awards nominated film composer Patrick Doyle is the score composer of this upcoming film. He was also the score composer of the film Murder on the Orient Express (2017).


Death On The Nile (2020) is a mystery thriller crime film.

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As the previous film was well criticized, fans are expecting more from Branagh. It seems like Branagh is starting a new franchise with his version of adapting Christie’s books. This new film will tell us if the new franchise is going to be a successful one, or it will be a disgrace to Christie’s books. We can strongly hope for the first fact and wait to see Branagh striking again with his magnificent moustache to solve a new case!