Best 10 Tips to Whiten Dark Underarms for Man & Women’s

Underarms usually get darken for different reasons and the tissues there are more sensitive than any other parts of the body. It may also happen for skin problems or from irritations caused by shaving the area, exposure to sunlight for longer time, hormonal changes or use of excessive cosmetics and more. Thus, they get dark looks very weird.

It is a troublesome condition for people, particularly for women. They cannot wear any sleeveless attire lest they are to feel embarrassed before public. So, the issue should be provided with careful attention. Now a day, removing the spots is not so much difficult one. One can easily remove the dark spots from the underarm and fell free by performing some easy treatments.

What Causes Dark Armpits?

  • Obesity is the prime factor to cause dark armpits.
  • People who have a hormonal disorder more or less face this condition.
  • It is also a tidal wave of genetics.
  • Due to environmental conditions, it may cause.
  • Dark armpits also a result of high doses of medicine.
  • It also appears in cancer patients’ bodies.
  • Use the deodorants or antiperspirants in excess.
  • Accumulation of dead skin cells.
  • Wear tight clothes.
  • Regular shaving is the main factor.
  • Dark armpits also cause increasing melanin and bacterial infection.

Your First Step to Lighten Underarms:

Dark underarm is a common factor to maximum people. Some easy tricks have to lighten the dark underarm.

  1. Leave smoking and get rid of dark underarm.
  2. Don’t wear a tight-fitting wearing dress.
  3. You can use any scrubber or exfoliate to reduce the dark underarms.
  4. Stop shaving, and you can use waxing or any other process instead of that.
  5. Avoid deodorant or antiperspirant and use natural remedies like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, etc.
  6. Keep clean and dry always.
  7. Try to maintain a specific bodyweight limit.

Here Are Some Top 10 Tips to Remove the Underarm Spots::

Avoid hair Removal:

Hair removing creams are made with different skin-hostile chemicals that help to make dark spots on the underarm. Many of the women prefer the hair removers and been using them for longer periods that is the key cause of their dark underarms. Alternative ways like waxing should be used.


What You Will Need:

  • Only Aloe Vera gel

How to Apply:

  • Just take a fresh leave and cut to open the inside gel.
  • Extract the gel and make the gel layer over the armpits.
  • Then leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to dry.
  • Rinse with normal water and repeat the remedy every alternate day to get a better result.

Use lemon on the Spots:

Before you go for a bath, you can apply a lemon on the underarm. Rub the lemon on the spots, let them dry. Then take the bath. The acids on lemon juice are helpful to remove the darks pots from the armpit. The spots will be removed soon.

Use lemon on the Spots

What You Will Need:

  • The only lemon is needed.

How to Apply:

  • It is so easy; rub the lemon on your dark underarms.
  • Then wash the place with tepid water.
  • To get better results, wait 10 minutes before washing.

Potato Slice:

Potato is another natural element to remove scars from skin. You can apply potato slice on the underarm to remove the dark marks. Get one or two slice of potatoes and rub them on the armpit for five to 10 minutes. Then clean the area with clean water. Continue rubbing the slice for about two to three weeks. The dark spots will be removed.

Potato Slice

What You Will Need:

  • Just a small potato.

How to Apply:

  • Get one or two slices of potatoes and rub them on the armpit for five to 10 minutes.
  • Then clean the area with clean water.
  • Continue rubbing the slice for about two to three weeks. The dark spots will be removed.


Cucumbers are the other natural element with skin whitening properties. It can remove the dead cells from the outer skin and helps whitening the space by the same time. So, you can rub a piece of round-cut cucumber on the dark underarm. It is also helpful to remove itching and does not irritate the skin.


What You Will Need:

  • Fresh cucumber slices.

How to Apply:

  • Take the small slices of cucumber and continue rubbing on your dark armpits.
  • Before rinsing with water, continue that process thoroughly 10-15 minutes.

Organic Scrub:

You can also apply organic scrub on the dark marks. Make the scrub using some brown sugar and lemon juice. Apply the paste on the armpit for about 10 minutes. Clean the area with lukewarm water. Feel the changes.

Organic Scrub

What You Will Need:

  • Sugar 2 tp. and
  • Olive oil two tp.

How to Apply:

  • Make a paste with the sugar and olive oil.
  • Use that paste in the armpit place and scrubbing thoroughly.
  • Continue scrubbing for 2 minutes and then leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Use normal water to rinse the area.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is another element useful to remove the underarm scars and dark marks. Take some white baking soda and make a paste using clean and cold water. Apply the paste beneath your arm. Wait for ten minutes and clean the place using clean water. See the change.

Baking Soda

What You Will Need:

  • Baking soda and
  • Water

How to Apply:

  • At first, make a paste of baking soda and water.
  • Use that paste on the underarms and follow continuous rubbing.
  • After continuing the scrubbing for some time, wash the place, and make dry.
  • To get better improvement, use it twice a week.

Fruits Skin:

At times fruit skins are essential to remove the underarm scars and orange skins are the best for the purpose. Peel the skin from orange and ground it. Add some milk and rose water with the ground peels and make a paste. Apply the paste on the armpit and clean after around 10 minutes.

Fruits Skin

What You Will Need:

  • Orange peel (ground)
  • milk
  • rose water

How to Apply:

  • Take a bowl to make the paste of all the ingredients.
  • Take all the ingredients one by one and make a smooth paste.
  • Apply the paste on your darken armpits.
  • Wait for 10 minutes to make dry.
  • Then clean the properly with normal water.

Vegetable Oils:

Vegetable oils are enriched with different natural antioxidants. You can apply the oils, particularly the olive oil, on your armpit to get a better result within a short time.

Vegetable Oils

What You Will Need:

  • Vegetable oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, etc.)

How to Apply:

  • Select useful vegetable oil. You may use olive oil, and it is used to remove the dark armpits.
  • Make massaging with olive oil and keep 20 minutes.
  • Use the olive oil in your darken areas regularly.
  • Continue using olive oil makes your skin soft.
  • And gradually, it removes the thicker pigmentation from the dark underarms.


Toothpaste using as for removing dark armpits is not so ordinary, but it is an effective way. It is prevalent in our house, and it works in the same way to whiten your teeth. So, we let’ try.


What You Will Need:

  • Choose toothpaste, having with baking soda.

How to Apply:

  • Make a thin layer on your darken area.
  • Keep it till 10 minutes long to dry.
  • After that, rinse with water and make dry.
  • Continue this way for some days, hoping that you will get the best result.

Milk or Malai:

Milk is an organic food element and contains different properties together to make the skin shiny. You can make a paste using milk and flour and apply the paste on the underarm. Clean the arm when the paste is dry. It will help to remove the dark marks.

Milk or Malai

What You Will Need:

  • Milk ¼  cup
  • Flour 2 tp.

How to Apply:

  • At first, take a small bowl to make a paste of flour and milk.
  • Make the paste properly and then use it on your dark underarms area.
  • Wait to dry in a condition completely.
  • At last, use water to clean the area and make dry.

How to Prevent Dark Armpits?

A dark armpit is very common both for females and males, so treat the problem with priority. Deodorant makes the underarms areas darken due to the harmful chemical containing. You can use deodorant but keep concentration on the without containing aluminum, fragrance, or alcohol elements. Tinted is a deodorant, which is making conceal your dark armpits for temporally.

You may want the area hair-free, so try to use laser hair removal option or waxing. If you can’t comfort laser treatment, use conditioning cream for shaving. You can choose any way to remove the darkened condition. But keep in mind, the underarms area is too sensitive, so take proper care.

Medical Treatments for Armpit Lightening:

When you see your dark underarm is not near normal, you have to consult with a specialist. And you must follow his instruction, hoping that you can get rid of that problem within a short time.

  • Sometimes doctors prescribe laser therapy, and it is an adequate remedy to lighten underarms.
  • Without laser treatment, you can choose medicinal treatment. Hydroquinone, corticosteroids, tretinoin, azelaic acid, kojic acid, etc. are medicinal treatments for dark underarms.
  • Alpha hydroxyl acids, beta hydroxyl acids are the chemical peels to lighten the dark underarms.
  • Use microdermabrasion, dermabrasion to clean thoroughly on the skin.
  • When the doctor found an erythrasma problem, he may prescribe clindamycin or erythromycin or an oral antibiotic like penicillin medicine.

FAQs about Whiten Dark Underarms:

Q. How Can I Protect My Armpits from darkening?

Answer: When you consider your underarm much darker than usual, you should consult with a doctor. It may cause genetics, obesity, meditation, shaving, excess use of deodorant, etc. Besides some effective home remedies, doctors may prescribe another medicine to remove the dark armpits within a short time.

Q.  Is Waxing a Removing way of Dark Underarms?

Answer: Waxing is not prescribed for removing dark armpits directly. But it removes the dead cell or skins and makes the area much brighter than previously. So, you can use it at the early beginning stage of dark underarms.

Q.   How much responsible the shaving to create dark armpits?

Answer: Shaving is common to remove unwanted hair. Regular shavings make the area much more challenging and thicker than others. And that’s; why it looks like the dark. You can use another natural way to remove unwanted hair without darkening the armpits.

Q.   Why Deodorant Make Dark Underarms?

Answer: Deodorant contains chemicals, which are not suitable for the underarm skin. Because underarm skin is much sensitive than other areas, so make discoloration or irritation. And continuous use of deodorant gathers much pigmentation and causes the dark underarms.

Q.  What are the alternative way to use in the underarms area instead of deodorant?

Answer: Many homemade remedies are present to remove the bad smell from the underarms. You can use apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, etc. as the alternative way to use the deodorant. Homemade remedies do not affect and do not create dark underarms.