You are watching a very excited game on your TV. Suddenly you notice that a player hardy tries to play well but cannot and the coach also notices this one. Try to remember. This player gets hurt to his head or nose before a short time and suddenly he becomes change. It is concussion a very common term in games such as football, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, boxing etc.

Concussion is one kind of TBM – traumatic brain injury. TBM is a serious kind of injury which may disturb you biological function. Your mental and physical health may be disturbed for such kind of trauma. It occurs suddenly and injured person cannot feel any problem instantly in general. Symptoms come out after 30 min or 1 hour or more. In the post-concussion period the victim feels many behavioral and physiological problems. Try to remove this problem immediately otherwise the victim may suffer from the various problems for long time

Symptoms of Concussion:

Observation of Coach:
The coach should be careful to his athletes. If a serious movement to the head or body of any player occurs due to sudden and forceful jolt or blow while playing, the coach should observe:

• Changes in behavior, activities, thinking or taking decision
• Fumble movement of victims
• Victim is randomly forgetting the instruction
• Suddenly a poor performance of affected one
• Victim cannot get proper concentration on play

Feelings of a Victim:
• A player affected with concussion often feels headache, nausea or vomiting
• A bad sensitivity problem with light and sound
• Sometimes may feel foggy or slothful
• He may often be confused in any single issue

What Should To Do if Concussion Occurs?
If all symptoms are matched with any players’ behavior, a coach should follow the following instruction properly.

• At first call this player from the field as early as possible
• Let him to take rest
• Call your athlete doctor to test him if he really affected or not
• Ensure the victim that he will get well soon after a short rest
• Inform the victim’s guardian and make sure them that the concussion is removable
• Do not back the victim to the field until the doctor confirms returning to play

Prevention of Concussion:
It is said that prevention is better than cure. Yes, it’s true. If you can ensure the prevention of concussion risk you may get a less chance to fall in concussion.

• You should read the term and condition of concussion before join the team.
• Be sure that the athlete physicians are available.
• Authority may take some new policies which may reduce the concussion risk.
• Educate the athletes about concussion.