Human being cannot be perfect in their life. They are humans and all of them have some sort of flaws. They are habituated with the things and even may not care about the irritating things they exercise in their daily life. There no perfect human is available. So, we are to live with the flaws and qualities together.

Females, naturally, want that their partners to be the perfect gentleman. The issue is the same for the males too. Falling in love is a natural process and a divine gift that God has bestowed upon earth. So, if you want to have a partner to fall in love and make a sweet home together, undoubtedly you are looking for someone perfect. But as it is mentioned above that none is perfect in this material world, you are to compromise. You are on the view that one of your friends has got someone who is an ideal one; make sure you are well informed about your friend’s partner. S/ he must have some sort of flaws too that is not exposed or overlooked.

Physical beauty declines with the advancement of time and age. So, regarding your partner selection, you should avoid such ideas that your partner needs to be beautiful to look at and of high family. What if everything is okay (everything refers that your desire of physical beauty and family legacy), but s/ he got a defective mind? Is possible for you to pass your life with him/ her knowing the imperfections of mind? The answer is simply – NO. So, it is better to get some ideas beforehand choosing the partner for you. There are some very common qualities that you should seek on the man or woman you are planning to get in a relationship.

Make sure the man/ woman you are looking for is honest with you and their surroundings. Dishonesty leads to the ruination of the relationship. Everyone has some past events that may be troublesome in nature. Check if your partner is not hiding that from you rather sharing his/ her feelings about the past. If the sharing occurs, you may believe that your partner is honest with you and the relationship. Accept the love you receive from the man/ woman and never feel them alone.

If the man or woman, whom you are looking for, lacks the quality of affection, s/ he might not be one you are searching. Affection is a humane quality and is found even in the animals. If the person is not affectionate, s/ he is not able to care or love you. During your distress, you may not find the most desired shelter on the person you relied most. As a result, the relationship will be filled with bitterness.

Someone Caring:
In a relationship, caring for each other is the most important thing. It helps to strengthen the bond of love. So, before you are in a relationship, try getting a clear idea if the person is caring enough to you and the relationship. Without caring attitude, you cannot expect for a sustainable relationship. If the care if from you (if you are the only care provider in the relationship and do not receive it in return), the relationship will be destroyed sooner or later.

Loves You Without Expectation:
Keep in mind that love is the divine blessing on earth. So, try to get someone who loves you without expecting any return. In a relationship, love is exchanged and certainly you will also give him back the love in return, but make sure the other part loves you without any intentions or for any hidden desires that s/ he will get something valuable if is in relationship with you or something similar issues. Make sure the love is not materialistic rather love is for love’s sake.

Psychological and Physical Safety:
You are in love. You want to get love in return. You want to be with him/ her in your remaining life. So, it is important to feel safe with the person you want to make relationship. If the person is always in an aggressive mood, it becomes impossible to reach him/ her during your need or simply for having social conversations. There are chances to get hurt or offended. So, avoid such types of people with whom you do not feel safe.

People are to undergo different situations in their life. Beloved partners are the best companions to support at those moments. If they proved traitor on those moments, nothing is worst than this. So, it is highly imperative to be supportive is such situations. Make sure that your partner is supportive too in such situations. Possibly get a test of his supportive nature, but be careful that the person does not sense that s/ he is being tested.

A Careful Listener:
If both of you talk in the same time, none of you will understand anything you are dealing with and thereby, the situation will be a mess. So, make sure the person is a good listener and pays attentions to your talks. Occasional interference may happen but that is not a fact for concern. If you can speak clearly and your partner pays proper attention to the speeches, s/ he will be considered as a good listener. Usually the good listeners are careful to their relationships.

Intellectual Balance:
If the person you are dating with does not have the same level of intelligence you are possessing, it is better to get out of the relationship. Such intellectual imbalance creates trouble in future and the key cause of communication gap. Pick up some one of your level to avoid awful situations.

Similar Views and Interests:
If you two does not have the same opinions and views about life, it is impossible to make the relationship. So, take a look on the views if the person has the same one like you. If the views are same, the relationship turns warm and effective.

Usually the immature people create the nuisances all around us. So, it is imperative to avoid such immature people for a healthy relationship. Maturity comes from experience and perseverance. An immature man or woman can ruin the entire relationship within the blink of an eye. So, keep away from them regarding the partner selection.