Buy Wedding Dress Online

Shopping for a wedding dress is a complicated process. It’s the most excited yet nervous moment altogether.

Every brides dream is to get an amazingly unique or fairy tale, dream bridal dress. Not every bride has “That Moment” when the tears start rolling and you know you’ve found “The One”.

No matter what you want – puffy or smooth or long – and whether you want a wedding dress that is brand-new, vintage, or pre-owned, you can find it online.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Wedding Dress Online:


Yes, it’s uncomfortable to talk numbers, but it will save you from heartache later on. Before your first appointment, figure out who is paying for the gown (your family, your partner, you?). Start inexpensive and work your way up.

Say, you plan to cap your fashion spending at $2,000 – you actually shouldn’t buy a $2,000 gown. That’s because you need to factor in tailoring, accessories (your veil, jewelry, & shoes) and cleaning and preserving the gown after the wedding if you want it as a keepsake.

Target salons on your budget. If someone else is paying, get the hard numbers on your limit, so you can stay within that budget or pay the difference yourself to get the dress you want. Plan Non-Obvious Costs into the Budget.


Deciding between true White and Ivory isn’t s big of a decision as you might think. Don’t be afraid to try a new silhouette. But if in doubt, choose a dress with a bodice lace and loose skirt. If you prefer support in bust area, search for keywords for that as well. Know how to take your own measurements.

Consider less traditional lengths. Pay attention to the top of the dress. Shop Vintage. Throw out the Rules. Bring dress photos for inspiration. Decide if you’re more traditional or trendy; know that embellishments add big bucks.

Buying Pre-Worn:

Be open mind while wedding dress shopping. You may find your dream dress you didn’t know would be your dream dress. Along with showcasing brand-new designer dresses on sites like Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter, the internet is also our biggest wardrobe of second hand and vintage wedding dresses. Buying a second-hand dress is nothing bad or shameful; in fact it can score a huge discount on the gown. Or even think it like that; you can get your dreamy wedding dress on a cheaper scale.

Another advantage could be I that you can use the money you save to have the dress altered so that it fits the bride perfectly.

Looking at the drawbacks though, everyone has heard horror stories about brides who were ripped off when the vintage, hand-made lace gown they were expecting turned out to be a cheap, mass-produce item from China.

Nearly Newlywed has a lengthy application process for wedding dress sellers to ascertain that they’re not selling a counterfeit item, so you can feel reassured that you’ll get what you pay for. While Tradesy offers a money-back guarantee if any wedding item is not genuine, so you can buy without the fear of being scammed.


Wrap your mind around size. Know how to take your own measurements. Find a good alterations shop. Shop true to your size. Choose your shopping crew wisely. Bring the right undergarments. Wear heals to the appointment when taking measurements.

One advantage of buying a pre-worn dress like one of the 20,000 available on is that you have a higher chance of finding one in your size if you need a plus size or one designed for taller or petite brides.

Stone Fox Bride’s gowns are available in sizes 0 all the way through to 24.

Personal Guidance:

Be open with your with your Bridal Consultant. The major benefit of these stores is that they have some of the most of the most knowledgeable consultants and a wide variety of dresses from hundreds of designers.

According to Bridal Consultants, they constantly see women come in with a set idea of what they want for a gown, they try it on and don’t actually Love it – and instead fall for something completely different they’d never consider.

Stone Fox Bride manages to combine the convenience of online shopping with the custom support of a bridal boutique by offering Skype video consultations to guide your wedding dress choices. Also you can get telephone support from a BHLDN wedding consultant if you can’t make it to it’ brick and mortar bridal boutique.

Take advantage of the live chat help.

Return Policy

Be 100 percent sure before you say ‘YES’. When you shop for a wedding dress online, you want the reassurance of knowing that you can return the dress if you realize once you receive it that it’s absolutely not what you had in mind

While most pre-owned wedding dress sites like don’t offer free returns. Then again, sites like Net-a-Porter, BHLDN, and rest assured that you can return if you don’t like the way it look once you try it on at home.

Let Us Introduce you the Best Top 10 Online Bridal Shops:

  1. BHLDN:

BHLDN – Boho brides will love the dreamy, vintage –inspired wedding dresses in every shade of cream and ivory, and for under $2,000

Price Range: $300 – $2,000s

Styles: Boho, Art-Deco, Vintage Chic

  • J. Crew:

Shop online or in the brick and mortar bridal boutique for simple, classic gowns at a affordable prices

Price Range: Under $3,000

Styles: Classic and Elegant


Brows the huge collection of thousands of pre-worn wedding dresses to find your dream wedding dress at a 50% or more discount.

Price Range: At Least 50% Off

Styles: Everything Imaginable

  • Nordstrom:

Nordstrom – take your pick of the newest designer gowns and get free expert wedding stylist advice via phone or in person

Price Range: $8,000 – $10,000+

Styles: Traditionally Romantic

  • ASOS:

ASOS – Shop affordably-priced gowns and accessories for your dream without having to leave the house

Price Range: $100 – $500

Styles: High-Neck, Maxis, Sheer Midis

  • Reformation:

Reformation – Don’t compromise on your eco-conscious credentials – choose an environmentally friendly wedding dress that is simple and minimal

Price Range: Up To $500

Styles: Classic Floaty Maxis

  • Stone Fox:

Stone Fox Bride – Step out of the traditional cupcake-style wedding dress box by choosing one of these boho-chic, funky and affordable wedding gowns

Price Range: $1,000 – $7,000

Styles: Laid-Back, Relaxed Boho-Chic

  • Tradesy:

Tradesy – Search used and pre-worn wedding dresses with the confidence of a money-back guarantee if you receive inauthentic goods

Price Range: All Price Points

Styles: Everything Imaginable

  • Nearly Newlywed:

Nearly Newlywed – Save money and time by buying a pre-worn gown online. You can browse a huge range of styles and sizes, all in one place

Price Range: Discounted

Styles: Everything Imaginable

  1. Net – A – Porter:

Net–a–Porter – Ideal for fashion-conscious brides who want the latest trends without having to wait for consultations or altercations.

Price Range: From $1,500+

Styles: High Fashion, New Trends

Is Online Shopping the Only Retail Therapy You Know?

It’s okay to buy your dress if you’re an avid online shopper, 18 percent of brides in the U.S. do just that. If you can try the dress on in person, that’s great. If not, check the return policy- especially if you’re ordering a few to try on and consider to a full refund if it doesn’t look as dreamy in person.

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid During Bridal Shopping Online:

  • Being swayed by Steep Discount
  • Shopping before you have a venue
  • Shopping right away
  • Looking to please others
  • Going under or over budget ordering dresses you cannot afford to buy
  • Ordering wrong size
  • Know your wedding theme beforehand
  • Encourage your wedding party to pick out dresses
  • Not considering extra costs
  • Not having done any research prior to shopping.

Tips for Safer Online Shopping:

If you don’t love it, don’t panic – you can salvage it.

If the dress arrives and you’re iffy on it, you don’t need to scrap it. Gather your style advisers and “try it on with totally different accessories, like a new belt, or add a bolero,” says Molly Guy, Creative Director at Stone Fox Bride. “If that doesn’t help, a seamstress can really change the look by shortening it, changing the neckline, taking off sleeves, or adding sleeves.

If you’re a Plus Size, Call Ahead:

Nothing is worse than getting to a bridal Salon or consulting Online–Store (who offers to send sample pieces to your address with their stuffs) and finding to take samples to size 10 and you have nothing to actually try on  (Unfortunately that’s the case for many, even though they sell sizes up to 26) Call ahead to make sure your shop has a plus-size samples for the style and designer you want to try on or if not, whatever they can get some before your appointment.

Walk Away if you fell pressure:

There’s no need to please every single human on earth. It’s your Wedding Dress we’re talking about! It should be to your liking and your choice. If you don’t feel that any dresses from any particular store is not your “The One” or no Way to bargain into the returning policy. Walk Away Darling, the Earth isn’t ending there only!

Shop with Reputable Retailers:

It’s best to shop directly with online retailers you know and trust. Bookmark your favorite shopping sites to get there quickly and safely. Avoid typing the name of the retailer into your browser bar.

That’s because a tiny typo could land you on a fake site that looks just like the real one. Make a “purchase” on an illegitimate site and you may unwittingly hand the scammers your credit card number and other personal info.

Final Thoughts:

Bridal Salons are packed on the weekends, meaning you get less personal attention or the dress you love is being tried on by someone else. It’s worth using some personal time from work to have your appointment on a week day over online.

Do your homework before you start making online appointments, since you don’t want to waste time at a shop that doesn’t carry dresses you like or has a terrible customer service. Don’t forget to check online reviews. Consider shopping online!