We have a common concept that only teenager experiences acne. Not at all guys!!! Girls are very much prone to have acne in their reproductive periods but woman also. About 37% of acne affected woman who are aged between 25 to 35 years old. Dermatologist prescribes creams, antibiotics, and birth control pill in particular not only for woman but also for teenager. Contraceptive pills or birth control pills work really very well sometimes that you ever never get.

Why Girl Experiences Acne?

Mainly acne is occurred due to large extraction of oil grand call sebum. A high production of a sebum gland causes a lot of acne. It may occur due to fluctuations of woman hormone level. You know woman hormone level changes very often and it also changes the whole function of her body and mind. Imbalanced hormone level is responsible to produce more sebum and ultimately acne.

Relationship between Hormone and Skin:

A girl has to experience the fluctuation in hormone level for severe time in her whole life. Imbalanced or fluctuation in hormone level influence much or her body and mind. In the pre-period of a girl, her body produces a high amount of estrogen which triggers much to extract more oil grand called sebum and this extra or excess oil gives birth acne on her skin. Such kind of hormone imbalance occurs after child born or post-period.

How Birth Control Pills Works to treat Acne?

One may very much tired with their different kinds of acne removing cream or antibiotic and go to a new dermatologist and you may surprise that the dermatologist prescribes for a contraceptive pill!!! Don’t be worried. He prescribes for a pill of lower intensity.

Contraceptives pill usually is a combination of two chemical named as estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen reduces the production of sebum. So, your skin gets low oil that helps to remove your acne and dark spot on your skin. Estrogen and progesterone work together to moisture and cleanup your skin. Yaz is a popular contraceptive pill used in United State for premenstrual acne.

Which Types of Pills Do You Have to Mitigate Acne?

FDA suggests three types of oral contraceptive pills to reduce or mitigate the acne problem only especially for the girl. These have less effect on woman’s health in maximum cases.

Ortho Tri-Cyclen:

• Works for acne vulgaris


• You can use it for only 6 month
• It mainly works for teenager
• Help to increase SHBG which control your sebum


• Very popular in USA
• Lower testosterone levels
• Increases SHBG

Side Effects of Oral Contraceptive: You should be well known about the side effect of these pills. The women who are addicted to any chemical or drag as well as smoking are very prone to be affected with these side effects. Make sure that she is not older than 35 and, does not have high blood pressure and migraine problem, heart disease and diabetes.

Woman may experience some slight problems at first time, such as:

• Vomiting
• Headache
• Problem of menstruation
• Problem in digestions
• Sleeping problem
• Pain in breast

If these pills really do not suit in her body she may feel also some serious problems:

• Breast tumor
• Heart disease
• High blood pressure
• Fatigue and depression
• Abnormality in menstrual periods
• Increase your skin problem

You should not take these pills without your dermatologist’s prescription. He know well which one is perfect for you, otherwise your problem will be worse. Be careful while taking contraceptive pills .All is not suitable for your body and sometimes it may do not work properly. Actually, it cannot remove your acne 100% but can control it up to 70-80% at all.