You are struggling to get the sleep and you are so screwed to sleep but cannot. It’s a very general case at the present time. Your biological clock could be out of work if you cannot sleep properly.

Tryptophan is that amino acid we all associate with going into a food coma during dinner. It converts to serotonin and melatonin, the brain’s natural relaxation chemicals. Tryptophan is found in some snacks like as bananas, nuts, seeds, honey and eggs etc.

Researchers from Japan’s Yamaguchi University found that insulin influences the crucial sleep-regulating gene PER2 .If it can be ensured to provide proper insulin it will help promote healthy circadian patterns in your body. Some snacks increase insulin, they should also help to regularize your body’s PER2 cycles so you’re drowsy when you need it.

Here are a few sleep-promoting bedtime snacks you can try these to enjoy a better sleep:

A Glass of Low Fat Milk:
You can get full of tryptophan from a glass of low fat milk, which converts to serotonin and melatonin in the brain and also help to regulate your PER2 cycles so that you feel drowsy and your brain gets ready to take a sleep

Banana and Nuts:
Have half of a banana with a handful of your favorite nuts. It is very helpful mix that provides you tryptophan and makes you ready for good sleep

Crackers with Peanut butter:
Take wheat crackers and spread on some natural peanut butter 20 minute before going to bed. It also provides you a good amount of tryptophan. Whole-grain crackers not only a good source of vitamin B but also help to prevent insomnia. And peanut butter is high enough in carbs to get your insulin pumping.

A slice of Bread with a little bit of Almond Butter:
If you want you can take a slice of whole-grain bread with a little almond butter . Almond contains magnesium, which ensures your muscle relaxation makes you ready to sleep. And it works very quickly.

Frozen Yogurt :
A frozen dessert would be a good tonic before bedtime in the summer. It provides you a sufficient amount of calcium and can help regulate melatonin production to get your sleeping habits in check. It also supply a good amount of tryptophan also, which ultimately turns you for a better sleep.

Cherries contain melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate your PER2 cycle. Each cup is just full of 100 calories with a bland amount (24 grams) of carbohydrates which prevents you from being hungry.

A piece of Cheese:
A piece of Cheese before going bed may supply a good dose of tryptophan and the protein contains in Cheese make you calm and less fatigued while keeping your blood sugar low.

Take your dinner at 8 o’clock so that you can go to bed after 2 or 3 hours later. But if you work for a long night take some sugar free snacks at least 30 minutes before sleeping. Ensure that you are neither full nor hungry completely. Both are harmful for your sweet sleep. Just blow up your all tension for tomorrow and get a sweet slumber.