Salad is best for diet. You can gift you a body with best look and shape. If you want you can eat salad for every time. Make sure your salad’s food value. Besides other elements of food, protein is must. An adult woman need 60 gram of protein in a day. If you do not want to eat meat in your salad you can get protein from black beans, garbanzo beans, lentils and tofu. If you are very much angry with fruit, you can turn you to vegetables. So, it is necessary to ensure the protein amount in your salad especially if you are vegan or vegetarian. I offer you some ways to get protein in your salad.

Vegetarians do not eat meat and fish but eat eggs, milk. So, they can get protein from nut, beans and others dairy products. But vegans as do not eat animal even milk, fish and eggs, they need extra enough protein in their salad. Quinoa, nuts, beans etc can fill their protein scarcity. They also can eat legumes and soybean or sunflower seeds for protein.

Quinoa and other Chenopodium:
Quinoa and other chenopodium foods contain a high protein. Actually these kinds of grain fill up all kinds of protein value. Keep it in your regular salad and have a smart protein.

Seeds Grain:
Sunflower, soybean, pumpkin etc seed grains nourish your body with vitamin E, magnesium, good fatty acids which are very essential for your body. Seeds grain is very good for metabolism.

You can eat egg either boiled or poach. You also can decorate your salad with yolk. Egg contains vitamin D, essential for your bone a good protein which is enough for a day. It is a good replacement of red meat. You can carry a boiled egg in your bag for lunch easily.

Shrimp gives a better look of your salad. You can use small or big shrimp in salad. Before adding with shrimp, boil the shrimp with salt and chili. Take a cup of it and makes your salad hot.

Soft Cheese and Feta Cheese:
Soft cheese is a great source of protein and good fat, calories. All kinds of cheese and a high amount of chasse are harmful for your health. You can store soft cheese in your fridge so that you can use it whenever you want.

Feta cheese are also good can use in crunchy vegetables makes your salad creamy

Lentils and beans:
Beans with yogurt and spinach will be a good mixture of your salad.
You can change test of your salad test with different ideas. Legumes would be a best choice. Select Lentils and beans for different days.

A handful nut gives you a vast amount of good protein. Don’t avoid this. Different kinds of nuts are available. You can use them in your salad in alternative to other protein source. Toasted and non toasted salad both contains good fat and cholesterol. Store nuts in your kitchen and use them 3 or 4 days in a week in your salad.

Eat a healthy salad everyday and enjoy a healthy life. But make sure your food value. All kinds of food value are essential for better health. So, choose exact food smartly and get protein in your salad.