Insomnia is very common among women of different ages. The ultimate results of long time insomnia are dark circle around the eyes, memory loss, irritable mood etc. A sound sleep would be able to get rid of these problems and also can save us from various physical and mental complexities. Let’s know about the necessities and benefits of a sound sleep.

Woman who ensures a enough sleep of 7 or 8 hours in a day is more interest in her work more than a woman of fewer sleep. Addiction to any bad habit, depression even suicide are caused from insomnia. So, forget all of your worst things one hour before sleeping. Problems are must, but it does not mean that you make your life hell for these. Don’t take your depression in your bed. Always think about positive. Think that more people lead a very worst life have more difficult problem more than you. And another thing that, solution would not be come until you finds it. So, try to find out the solution, don’t nourish your problem. A proper sleep charges your brain to find out the solution of your problems.

Free From Diseases:
Insomnia reduces your protecting power against diseases, so you often get cold. It also reduces the production of insulin. It increases the risk of diabetes.

Reduce your weight:
One may think that, a little sleep helps to reduce your weight. No, its not true for all cases. A poor sleep makes your hormone so distraught that which triggers you to become hungrier. So, you eat fast or junk food randomly. It adds you extra fat and calories to your body and get fatty.

Make You a Man of Exquisite Thinks:
Body reconstructs its shape when you are in sleep. The brain is the main worker of this work. As you much ensure a better sleep, your brain and body as get more time to reshape it and get ready for next day. So, you ultimately would be a man of exquisite thinks.

Reduce the rate of getting Older:
It may sound you terrible that insomnia stimulates your hormone in such a way that you would become older day by day quickly. A sound sleep can control it properly.