Top 10 Health Benefits of Foot Massage and Reflexology

Usually the reflexology is used to put pressure on feet, hands and ears to make people relax from stress and other mental pressures. In fact this is a massaging system to remove anxiety and other related mental irritations. It is based on the theory that the areas are massaged are related to important organs of the body that help to remove the stress. Besides, the pressures applied on the organs are also helpful to the health of the individual. It is also the best practice to remove pain or psychological symptoms.

Usually a chart is followed to apply pressure on the foot, hands or on the ears. But skilled hands are required to perform the massage, and at times expert people also different available instruments like rubber balls and bands etc. to perform it perfectly.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Foot Massage and Reflexology

Reflexology vs Foot Massage:

Reflexology is defined, as an alternative way of the medical practices, that involves giving pressure on the unique points of hands and feet is called reflexology. It also is known as the Zone therapy, and it is applying with the thumb, hand massages and fingers but not any oil or lotions.

On the other hand, foot massage is defined as the type of message is to give in feet. It originated from China, and they apply the treatment to cure illness.

It is helpful for improving the conditions like:

1. Frozen Shoulder
2. Stress reduction
3. Gynecological Disorders
4. Hay Fever
5. Insomnia
6. Knee Problems
7. Allergies
8. Back Problems
9. Blood Pressure
10. Bowel Disorders
11. Constipation
12. Eczema
13. Arthritis
14. Asthma
15. Multiple Sclerosis
16. Muscle Tension
17. Neck Problems
18. PMS/Hormonal Problems
19. Respiratory Problems
20. Sinusitis
21. Stress Disorders
22. Thyroid Imbalance
23. Here are some benefits of reflexology.
24. Stress Balancing

The best and most important benefit of reflexology is that it helps to reduce stress. People usually get stress for a large number of causes. Consequently the stress start casting negative impact on health and mind as well. So, to get relief from the stress, reflexology is a good way. One can take the massage from a professional after his/ her needs.

How Does Reflexology Work?

Reflexology is related to reflex some particular area in feet and hands, which is connecting with organs and the body part to pass energy through the energy channel. It removes the energy channel blockages and improves our health. Now presenting some examples of some body parts and reflex areas:

  • Toes tips reflect your head.
  • Chest and heart connected with the ball of feet.
  • The feet arch are related to the liver, kidney and pancreas.
  • The intestines and low back forwarded to the heel.

Reflexology is known as Zone therapy and originated from China. Day by day, this therapy gets development by many physiotherapists, turned to the modern reflexology.

Here Are The Top 10 Health Benefits Foot Massage And Reflexology:

01. Helps in Blood Flow:
The massage helps to improve blood circulation. When the stress and other associated symptoms are relieved, the oxygen on the blood starts flowing naturally and thus increases the blood circulation on the body. When the blood circulation is improved, you will feel a sense of freshness.

02. Improved Nerves:
When the pressures are on the nerves, the functionality on the nerves gets boosted. When one undergoes reflexology, around 6000 nerves get relaxed and clear neural paths. Thus, the person feels immediate relief from pain and other stresses,

03. Change in the Immune System:
Reflexology helps to improve the immune system too. The stimulation of the lymphatic system helps in reduction of infection risks. Besides, the body toxins are cleaned through the massage and by the same time helps to boost up the endorphins production. Thus the immune system is highly improved.

04. Balance on the Body:
A balance on the body is a must to perform all the necessary functions. Reflexology helps to bring back the functions on track immediately. Our body runs on balance among different cells, muscles and organs. The natural state of the body starts working again as there is no stress or no psychological disorders.

05. Muscle Relaxation:
Reflexology helps to relief the muscles. Usually the muscles in different parts of the body get cramped for various reasons. It may also happen for physical injury too. Massaging on the parts help to remove the muscle cramps and thus relaxes the muscle.

06. Remove mood depression:

Reflexology and foot massage both are capable of fighting against depression. Some points in feet helpful to remove depression while taking the foot massage therapy. When you take that therapy every day for 2 to 3 mines regularly, you can feel the change before and after.

07. Reduce Edema:

Foot massage is a part of physical treatment and very helpful for pregnant patients when they face the edema problem. In pregnancy time, may appear swelling at the feet and ankles, because of restoring fluid retention. At the last trimester time of pregnancy, edema problem appears must, and the foot massages give relief from it.

08. Increase immune activity:

Reflexology increases your immune activity; it works like the detoxifying process. It recommended taking sufficient fluid before and after taking the reflexology session, to improve the flushing out process. After taking once the reflexology session, you can feel the change.

09. Decrease stress:

Both the reflexology and foot massage decrease stress and give refreshment. On the other hand, reduces hypertension, high blood pressure also, and when you take the feet manipulation, you feel relief.

10. Removes digestive problems:

It is a surprising point that reflexology and foot massage can remove digestive problems. When you take these therapies, some pressure points of your body can open up your digestive channel. And that’s why it removes the digestive problem and calms your body.

Some Important Tips about Reflexology:

  • Reflexology is related to reflex or refreshment; take it when you feel tired. Continue massaging at least 30-60 seconds is advisable for you. But you take it a long time if you feel much discomfort or pain.
  • When you want to take self-reflexology, follow some ways.  Heat is the prime factor for self-reflexology; hold the heating pad at least 10 minutes before starting the process.
  • You get better refreshment just after taking a hot shower; try it to get a judgment.
  • Hot oil gives you a much better feeling than oil may be mixed or without mixed essential oil. On the other view, you can use light cream. Apply it before attaining the reflexology as the swifter motions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the definition of reflexology?

Answer: Reflexology is the alternative way of medicine, which is involving to give pressure to hands and feet. Its main work is to give hit in the patients’ pressure points, such as hands or feet. It is the best and effective way of relaxation.

Q: Are reflexology is suitable for healing the patient?

Answer: Yes, of course, reflexology is suitable enough for the patient, and can relieve both the chronic and acute condition. It is similar to the feet acupressure massage, and keep your body in relaxed balance.

Q: Is reflexology is similar to a spa?

Answer: Human wants to get both the physical and emotional, that’s why reflexology keeps consideration about both. The patient will get as similar feelings of spa from the reflexology, recommended people to take it.

Q: Can I take this foot massage in pregnancy period?

Answer: Foot massage increases the blood circulations, reduces tension, easing pain, and stimulates muscles. Not only these, but foot massage also increases better sleeping, stress reliefs and relaxations. So, without any hesitation, any pregnant patient can take this.

Q. Can a diabetic patient take this foot massage therapy?

Answer: It is better to talk to your doctor before taking foot massage therapy. Because the foot massage sometimes does negative aspect to the diabetic patients, though it reduces the diabetic neuropathy.