Weight lose is a burning issue at this time. You guys are very curious about it and following many rules and exercise but fail. Think what’s wrong? You may have some bad habits or exercising strategies which make your mission slower.

01. Stop Skipping Breakfast:

Most people take their first meal at 10 or 11 am. Not good for your health. Breakfast is not only very important for your health but also for losing weight and you have to take it within 8am. Skipping breakfast does not mean that you lose your weight, it hits to your energy level not to fat. And you would be very hungry if you do not take breakfast and eaten more food on your lunch. If you take your breakfast timely and daily, you get enough energy for whole day works and you would not be so hungry that others would who does not take breakfast. It also triggers you to lose more weight.

02. A High Protein Based Breakfast:

Well, you take breakfast every day, but do not care about its food value. You may ask why? This because you add extra caloric with your daily breakfast rich in protein. Think, you run out morning after two slice of loaf with little butter. Oh! It is really full with high fat and obviously your body misses the full nourishment. Usually your body needs vitamin, minerals and a low protein and you take protein on your lunch and dinner. So you do not need to add extra protein in morning. Besides this, taking a high protein at morning reduces your energy level.

03. Stop Eating Quickly:
You are always very busy with your different works even you cannot budget your time for eating and eat very quickly. Listen, don’t do that. By this time you are adding more and more caloric in your body. You have to take at least 20 minutes for eating. When you eat quickly your brain can not understand either you are full or not and it cannot signal you to stop. But if you eat slowly and properly your brain signals you when to stop. Then you can stop it.

04. Stop Grazing:
Nuts, cookies, peanut butter, juice with sugar are very much popular among the world’s teenagers. Generally they are very much interest in these items and parents are not conscious about them. They think that these are healthy and important for their teenager as they are in growing period. But they do not know that, grazing in several times in a week, adds more calories. Although teenagers need extra nutrition for their rapid growth, they have to choose healthy food not such grazing.

05. Stop Cardio All the Time:
It is good that you are regular in gym and treadmill is your favorite one. Don’t stays always with it. Lift a dumbbell also. It triggers you to lose extra fat. It also reshapes your body by strengthening the muscles.

06. Stop Exercising Without Taking Foods:
You are very much conscious about your health and determine you get your body in a fit level. You exercise daily but you do not take food 9before it. You may think that if you exercise with empty stomach, you would be capable to lose more calories. I wonder!!! How can you think that!!! If you take exercise without eating you lose your energy not fat. It is important to feed your body before exercise so that burns your fat not energy.

07. Ensure a Better Sleep:
Your body gets recharges when you are sleeping. It helps you to lose extra calories because whole body works when you sleep and so that it needs a lot of energy. Enough snoozes of 6 years needs energy to work and helps you to keep fit.