Blood deficiency and iron deficiency are very common problem among the woman at the present time. It cause oxygen deficiency and weakens a woman normally. It has a long term effect which would cause complexities of having a child. Estimation shows that about 30-60% of total population suffer from iron deficiency or anemia in the poor world.

Woman with Anemia in USA:

• About 20% of total woman
• About 50% of pregnant woman
• About 7% of toddlers
• About 9-16% of menstruating women

Symptoms of Anemia:
Check yourself either you experience the following symptoms or not

Pith less:
Hemoglobin is a major ingredient of blood. Hemoglobin ensures the oxygen supply to your body. Iron deficiency reduces the amount of hemoglobin and less hemoglobin cannot supply oxygen properly.
Your body feels pith less whenever it gets a poor hemoglobin as well as poor oxygen. Nothing can encourage you. So, if you feel something like that including frequent tiredness and weakness, test your level of hemoglobin according to your doctor’s suggestions.

Lack of attention:
Can you not to do anything attentively? If you cannot pay attention in your class or meeting suddenly for someday, thought that you are going through the iron deficiency. The iron deficiency changes the neurotransmitter synthesis and as a result you may not hold a long time concentration.

You were a very jolly lady as you liked to spend your time with friends and family usually. But, you cannot enjoy this now. You might also fond of shopping but now? You also liked to watch television or read novel. But, suddenly you have lost all interest in doing these. Idleness is replaced them. If you cannot remove your idleness, should check your hemoglobin level.

Do you get tired randomly? Does your body not able to walk for a few minutes? Iron and hemoglobin deficiency cannot supply enough oxygen to your body and your body cannot do a little work and gets tired easily.

Pale skin:
Your skin is losing its beauty day by day. Your shiny skin becomes pale. Iron deficiency is the main cause of getting a dry and pale skin usually. Your skin would lose its all beauty and goriness quickly if your body suffers from iron deficiency for a long time.

Inactivity on Muscles:
Iron deficiency reduces the power of normal expansions and contraction of your muscles. So your muscles get hurt if you take a little exercise. You would also to lose the power of doing your work hardly.

Brittle nails:
Nails also show the symptoms of iron deficiency. Your nail becomes brittle or fragile due to lack of enough iron in your body. Nails would change its shape to spoon sometimes. It is a normal sign of iron deficiency.

Blood deficiency is one of the major causes of repeated sickness. Some minor respiratory sickness such as cough, cold etc is also result of it. It should be noted that, if these symptoms are seen in a man, he is also affected by this deficiency.


• If shortage of iron becomes more acute, you should consult a doctor. Treatment varies based on it severity.
• You would be advised to eat some balanced diet, vitamin C and iron if you have a mild shortage.
• But, sometimes only foods and drugs cannot treat it properly. Doctors often prescribes to take iron, folic acids as supplement.
• In the case of acute severity of iron deficiency, you should supply extra blood in your body.
• So, prevention is better than cure.
• Yolk is very effective to prevent anemia.


• To fill the demand of iron deficiency animal protein can play a vital role. Red meat is a great source of protein. Liver and yolk also contain a good amount of protein.
• Edible roots and green banana would be a better source of iron.
• Water melon is the main source of iron among the vegetables.
• You can get iron from the cauliflower also.
• But to get more iron from the vegetable, you have to eat the foods containing vitamin C also.
• Nutritionist suggests you to take the foods such as guava, lemon, orange which contain lots of vitamin C if you want to utilize the iron stored in foods. Because vitamin C helps you to absorb iron properly in your body.