Cancer is one of the deadly diseases around the globe and many of the global populations fall victim to the disease for different reasons. Cancer is the second deadly disease after AIDS and no vaccine has been invented yet to cure cancer properly. All the available medications are used to stay healthy and fit. But if cancers could be detected in an early stage, the survival chances raises to a great level. If you are detected earlier with cancer, it is hopeful that you will have more chances to recover than those who have been detected on secondary level.

There are different types of cancer and may take place at any part of human body including the tip to toe. If the right care is not taken, the doctors amputate the organs (if possible) or use various therapies to destroy the cancer causing cells from the cancer affected areas of the human body. But in most cases, the patients die of cancer as they not early diagnosed with the disease.

There are different symptoms of cancer and if you carefully observe those, you may be helping yourself in the early detection. Frequent coughs or any other spot that is not removing or being vanished from your body, or losing weight rapidly without any exact reason etc. are the primary symptoms of cancer. Most of the people ignore the signs and consequently fall victim of the deadly diseases.

According to medical science, here are 10 easy tips to detect cancer in early stage.

Frequent coughs or sudden change in the voice is a sign off dancer. If you cough frequently and that does not stop immediately, it refers that you are suffering from lung cancer.

1. If you have any change on your skin such as the change in any existing mole on the body, it points that you are suffering or have started suffering from skin cancer.

2. If you have any disorder or sudden change in your bowel movements, it also refers that you are suffering from cancer. In this case, you are to attend the nature without any specific time and the time will be changed gradually.

3. If you have any wound or sore on your body that is not curing, that is the sign on cancer too. But it depends on the sore location on your body. If the sore is on your mouth, it may be the sign of oral cancer.

4. If taking foods is painful for you, or you have problems for swallowing the foods regardless soft, hard or liquid, you are suffering from throat cancer. Such signs turn stronger gradually and the patients cannot have anything solid as food and then they are fed using tubes and only the liquefied foods.

5. Losing weight is a common issue in the current age of fitness and wellbeing if you want to live a happy and healthy life and you are trying to lose it intentionally, but if that happens without any specific reason, it points that you are suffering from any sort of cancer.

6. Irregularities in urination indicate you are suffering from the bladder cancer and even can cause prostate cancer. Many of the famous personalities have died suffering from prostate cancer.

7. If there is any sudden change on the body flesh like sudden appearance of any lump and getting larger in size is another sign of cancer and can cause different sorts of cancers together.

8. If you are suffering from any sort of pain without any exact reason, it is another sign of cancer and the cancer depends on the spot where you are feeling the pain.

9. Sudden or unexpected bleeding may cause bowel cancer. For females, it may be the uterus cancer or depends on the bleeding spot to determine the cancer.

10. It is highly imperative to meet your doctors without delay if you experience such 10 symptoms on your body or someone familiar with you.